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Long Island Iced Tea Recipe

The long island ice tea is a drink which has survived the tests of time and can be found anywhere from Purple Turtle to a beach-side bar in Thailand. It’s strong, cheap and tasty: what’s not to love?


Ingredients per individual serving: These can be adjusted to make a pitcher if you so wish, which is done by increasing the quantities in multiples of 10.

Rum – 25ml

Vodka – 25ml

Gin – 25ml

Tequila – 25ml

Lemon juice – 50ml

Coke – 50ml

Ice – crushed.


Firstly, mix all your alcohol together. I recommend doing this in a regular glass and stirring with a straw; or, if you’re fancy and have a cocktail shaker, pour the drinks in there and shake hard. Add the lemon and coke and mix again. Add the ice to a long glass and slowly pour the drink over it. This is best enjoyed with a straw which allows for the drink to be mixed occasionally.

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