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Is your look Festival Ready?


With festivals like Community, Elrow and Reading/ Leeds just around the corner, it’s no surprise that the top fashion retailers are showcasing their festival-wear ranges as early as May. 2018 calls for a vibrant twist to festival looks: with sequins, bold colours and accessories taking the spotlight more than ever.


The Glitz

No.1 on the fashion agenda this year has to be sequins, lycra or simply something with a bit of shine. Adding glitz to an outfit can make a darker colour elsewhere on your attire really stand out. Take the sequin trousers worn by the model for example. By adding sequins to the bottom of her outfit, she immediately transforms the darkness on her top into something that really works with the festival vibe. These trousers can be bought from Pretty Little Thing for £50 (£42.50 with student Unidays discount!)



If you’re not the sequin type and don’t want to take a risk trying something overly new, putting stripes into your outfit could have just the same stand-out effect. Sites likes Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing are triumphing The Stripe this month with some absolute show-stopping trousers and playsuits which adding only another plain colour or small number of accessories to, will complete your outfit in seconds. The striped trousers worn by the model are from Pretty Little Thing.



Just as stripes and sequins are guaranteed to add a burst of ‘fun’ to your look, using bold colours to accompany these styles will ensure that your outfit is festival-ready throughout. Take the lemon jean jacket (Sara Ashcroft range, In the Style) worn by the model for example: this simple colour is all that is needed to ensure the coordination of the look as well as balancing the colours across the outfit. Likewise, the long sleeved black cropped top used to accompany the sequin trousers in the other look, may have been too dull for the festival scene on its own, but as an addition to the trousers helps refines the style. The top can be purchased from Pretty Little Thing.

Image credit: Taz Usher


If you’re not too keen on giving the new ‘glitter boob’ look a go this summer (I certainly wouldn’t opt for this for a weekend festival!), then a bold bralette could be the ideal alternative for you. The bralettes worn by the model are both from Boux Avenue and can be purchased at the ideal discounted rate of 20% off using the exclusive code ‘TARAJADE20’.

They’re a perfect choice for those going for trousers and not wanting to be overly covered (in case of hot temperatures).



Once you’ve decided on the main outfit, adding accessories that don’t ‘overdo’ it is often the hardest part of all! For a festival, you’ll want to keep the heels at home and exchange them for steady dance-wear shoes like trainers or Timberland-esque boots. (The model wears trainers from egoofficial). Likewise, when it comes to jewellery, adding a subtle necklace or two can pull the look together. The necklaces in these outfits are from Chained and Able. And finally, don’t forget the sunglasses!


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