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How to stay fit and still ace your grades at university:

Do you want to become more active but just can’t be bothered? Do you have too much work? Are you a master at procrastination?

Many students find it hard to find a balance between fitness and work especially during the colder months here in the UK.

Sometimes the situation never seems to get better no matter how hard you try and it can leave us feeling frustrated and even more de-motivated than before.

We often set expectations but do not provide ourselves with the springboard we need to jump off and reach them.

Being a fitness junkie myself, I get annoyed when I can’t be as active as I would like to on top of all the work I get and definitely can’t be as healthy as I would like to be!

After some trial and error I’ve come up with some pretty good ways to stay sane and still get everything done so you can always end the day feeling accomplished.

  1. Make a plan

Create a to-do list for the day. You should include things like: prepare lunch in the morning; finish 3 math worksheets; do a 15 minute workout (there are plenty of videos on YouTube demonstrating quick workouts). If you’re self -catered, it’s easier to plan meals for the day so you don’t waste time on thinking about what to cook for yourself (I’m pretty indecisive). If you know what you’re going to cook it’s quicker to just be able to make it and move on to other work.

I think a to-do list is much better than setting specific timings because having specific times can become stressful and put you under more pressure. Knowing you have the flexibility to complete them whenever you want to during the course of the day takes it easy on your brain. It stops you from completely avoiding the task because the set timing adds pressure and stress which you then associate with the task, when the task itself isn’t that bad. It’s also helpful to set a target for how long you want to spend time on it so you don’t spend more time on a task than is necessary.

  1. Sleep!

Get enough sleep! As obvious as this sounds, people don’t do it. How can we possibly expect ourselves to feel productive and energetic the next day with no sleep? Sleep is one of the springboards I was hinting at because it literally is the determining factor on what your day is going to be like. No matter what to do list or expectations you have for yourself for that day, it just won’t get done as well as you could be doing them if you had a few extra hours of sleep. Power naps are great too.

  1. Classes at the gym

The sports park is such a great place to go especially for classes. These trainers are awesome.

Also, how easy is it to just show up and have someone tell you what to do and push you out of your comfort zone? It’s far easier than having to make your own gym plan or doing hours of cardio, like how boring and time-consuming is that? Definitely try it out! Even if it’s something as simple as yoga.

These strategies have definitely helped me in finding a balance and getting things done. Being a university student can be overwhelming but when we have a clear plan and find ways to make things easier for ourselves, it becomes less of a chore and more of a really cool experience.

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