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Handy Holiday Phrases

It’s that time of the year again: exams are over and most schools won’t break up for another month or so. What does that mean? Cheap holidays! Now is the perfect time to hop on a plane for a last minute holiday with friends before starting those summer jobs, or even the post graduation world of proper work.  So to prepare you for some situations you may face while abroad, from Paris to Marseille, Venice to Rome and Barcelona to Majorca, here are a few useful phrases in French, Italian and Spanish. Hopefully these can be put into use in most places to make for a smoother holiday.







Au revoir 





S’il vous plaît 

Per favore 

Por favor 


Thank you 





Do you speak English? 

Parlez-vous anglais? 

Parla inglese? 

¿Hablas inglés? 


Please can you help me? 

Pouvez-vous m’aider? 

Può aiutarmi per favour? 

¿Puedes ayudarme? 


Where is the nearest toilet?  

Où est la toilette la plus proche?  

Dovè il più vicino bagno? 

¿Dónde está el lavabo más cercano?  


Where is the nearest beach? 

Où est la plage la plus proche? 

Dovè la più vicina spiaggia? 

¿Dónde está la playa más cercana? 


Where is the nearest hotel? 

Où est l’hotel le plus proche? 

Dovè il più vicino albergo? 

¿Dónde está el hotel más cercano? 


Where is the nearest restaurant? 

Où est le restaurant le plus proche? 

Dovè il più vicino ristorante?   

¿Dónde está el restaurante más cercano? 


How much does this cost? 

Ça fait combien? 

Quanto costa questo? 

¿Cuánto cuesta esto? 


The bill please! 

L’addition s’il vous plaît! 

Il conto per favore! 

¿la cuenta, por favor? 


Please can I have…? 

Je voudrais…. 




Please can you take a photo? 

Pouvez-vous faire une photo s’il vous plait? 

Può fare un foto per favore? 

¿Puede tomar una foto? 


Is there wifi here? 

Y a-t-il du wifi ici? 

C’è wifi qui? 

¿Hay Wi-Fi aquí? 

And if, perhaps, the situation arises where you have to ask someone to leave you alone…


Go away! 




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