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Campus Style – March 2015

Caitlin McClinchy and Christian Walters spotted plenty of fashionable students on campus recently. Have you been photographed?



Course: Classical Studies

Wearing: Vintage black overcoat, vintage plaid shirt, tapered Levi 501 jeans, Converse.

Influence: “More-so brands than individuals. I appreciate Americana aesthetics: looking laid back and not too contrived. Dana Lee is probably my favourite brand.”

Caitlin McClinchy - Campus style - Will


Course: Politics and International Relations

Wearing: Adidas tracksuit bottoms, Adidas Ascel Loops, Nike jumper, Brothers hat.

Influence: “Where I’m from back home really, Notting Hill. It has a lot of great boutiques and vintage stores that are interesting for me.”



Course: Business Management

Wearing: APC jacket, Jaeger jumper, Rag and Bone trousers from New York, Russell and Bromley shoes.

Influence: “I chop and change, I like to keep people guessing. I go from being reasonably formal to casual. There’s no one I can really think of who influences me.”



Course: Film and Theatre

Wearing: Denim shirt from Brick Lane, Ralph Lauren shirt, chequered trousers by Topman, Black Stan Smiths.

Influence: “Probably like Wes Anderson films and things similar to that, I like the style of his characters.”



Course: English Literature and International Relations

Wearing: Coat from the Reading Vintage Fair, Nike Rugby shirt, Cheap Monday jeans, Reebok Classics trainers, hat from Brother.

Influence: “Musicians, I like the clothes and style from the UK Garage 90s scene and London street wear from the mid-2000s.”



Course: Politics & International Relations

Wearing: Zara jacket, Topshop top, Topshop jeans, Miss Selfridge boots.

Influence: “I’m not really inspired by anyone famous, just what my friends wear.”



Course: English Literature

Wearing: Jack Wills coat, Zara jumper, Jack Wills jeans, Topshop loafers, Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Influence: “I take my influences from a lot of different people and the English Heritage trend. I really like preppy style and minimalism.”



Course: Art and Psychology

Wearing: Coat from a market in Taiwan, H&M scarf, TK Maxx belt, Office shoes.

Influence: “I take a lot of my influences from what’s on the internet like the blog Street Etiquette. I also like Solange Knowles’ style, but I am inspired by a myriad of different things.”



Course: Art and Philosophy

Wearing: Shirt from a charity shop in Finland, H&M trousers, Doc Martens.

Influence: “90s fashion, ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’: loud shirts are in. I go for anything colourful.”

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    Pauline Luckhold

    I love seeing everyone’s unique style! 🙂 I like to dress pretty casual for campus, but then I just make sure I have cute accessories to liven up my look a bit 😀 I actually recently bought this amazing leather backpack from https://www.bestbackpack.com/best-backpack-purses-women/ I’m in love with it and feel like I have to tell everyone about it! 😛 I’ve seen quite a few people rocking the backpack purse lately though, so I think it must be trending.

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