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Corfu, Greece: The Perfect Student Budget-Friendly Holiday Location

It’s hard finding a holiday to fit a tight budget when you’re a student at university paying a ridiculous sum of money every month on rent, bills, food, a social life and textbooks… the list goes on. With myself experiencing this and needing to be careful with my money, I still wanted to go on holiday with my friends once I finished my second year at university to treat myself.

It took a lot of researching online, but two of my friends and I found the perfect holiday to Corfu, Greece which in total cost £450 each! This included the flights, coaches/buses, spending money, all-inclusive accommodation (room, pool, buffet 3 times a day and drink) and the excursions!

I think the most important thing to remember when booking a holiday as a university student is that the term finishes a whole month before school children. This means that we were able to book our holiday at the beginning of June (still great weather!) without the expense of the 6-week holiday period in the British summer where travel agents bump up holiday prices! So, certainly, take advantage of the longer summer break you get at university when booking a holiday as you can just go a few weeks sooner and save hundreds of pounds.

We stayed in a beautiful four-star hotel on the island’s coast which had a lovely big pool and many sunbeds free (this is another perk of going before the school holidays: the hotel won’t be as busy). In addition, the staff there were very friendly- I love the Greeks!

Very importantly let’s discuss the all-inclusive package. This is an excellent option to choose when booking a holiday as you get unlimited food and drink every day. Although if you’re vegetarian and especially vegan, you might want to enquire with the hotel first that they have enough options for you as your safest bet might be to eat out otherwise!

A day trip idea is to go on a boat trip excursion. The water is so beautifully crystal clear and gorgeous to swim in when you get the chance as you stop at different islands. We went to many islands around Greece in one day and had a Greek buffet on board with lunch included. The trip only cost 30 euros!

Now let’s discuss the clubbing in Corfu… one thing we could have changed was choosing a hotel that was much closer to Kavos because that’s where the nightlife is booming. However, we decided to get a bus to Corfu Town instead and a hop in a taxi back which was very cheap and was still a very good night out since we were staying so far away from Kavos.

If you’re looking at booking a holiday next summer and want it to be an amazing week that fits perfectly around your student budget, look no further than finding one on www.onthebeach.co.uk! I can’t recommend this online travel agent enough. I’ve used them twice now and everything has gone so smoothly.

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