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Cocktails for a celebration and a change of scenery.

To celebrate a friend’s achievement, especially when that achievement involves, not only winning RUSU’s presidential role, but also in acing life in general by applying to that role spontaneously two days before it shuts, is in my opinion, something special to be celebrated. Rather than the usual Parky B trip or union night out (which are always great go to’s), sometimes a quality girls’ night somewhere different is much needed, such as ‘The Botanist’ in town. Prior to my insane lack of knowledge, or tragically poor observational skills, I had not noticed there was one in Reading situated across the road from where you get off for Reading Town Centre. As a student it is always a struggle to afford my weekly shop in order to keep eating, let alone afford successive numbers of cocktails in one night. Luckily though, they had a deal on at happy hour for students to have one third off of cocktails if you downloaded their app which is what we did. After having booked a table, we sat down at one of their higher platform tables up in a fairy lighted cosy corner and ordered meals. Our waitress made us laugh because an hour in we had drunk a couple of cocktails; mine being my favourite fruit of Lychee, when she insisted on checking our ID’s after sharing a further bottle of wine after we had already drank our previous drinks, and was midway through clearing those cocktail glasses. However, the food was so great and we got everything very quickly. Overall, the atmosphere was great with live music playing in the background. As well as great quality fish and chips, the service, location and friends made it fun for a change of scenery.  

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