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Beauty and Skincare Hacks

  1. When you’re travelling: 

When travelling, I always feel like I forget something in my makeup bag. Usually it’s not an essential product for me, such as mascara, howeversometimes I seem to forget my favourite eyeshadow palette. If you’ve forgotten your eyeshadow palette but have remembered the brushes, you can use bronzer and highlighter as eyeshadow. Use the bronzer in your crease to add definition, colour, and depth, then use the highlighter on your eyelid to create a shimmery glow. I find that this look always looks great and you won’t be able to tell the difference! 

  1. When doing your makeup: 

When doing your eyeshadow, do it before you put on foundation. This way, you can stick a short piece of Sellotape next to your eye pointing upwards towards your eyebrow diagonally, so when you apply your eyeshadow there will be a perfect line once the Sellotape has been peeled off. This easy hack makes your makeup look incredibly professional without any professional skills needed! 

  1. When doing your skincare routine: 

Use good quality products. If you keep up a consistent skincare routine and use the best products that are suited to your skin, you may feel like you don’t have to wear as much makeup! I recommend the ‘Bioderma Soothing Micellar Cleansing Foaming Gel’ (costs £10.80) for removing makeup because unlike other micellar waters, this product removes all the dirt on your face as you are washing your face at the same time. By using a cotton pad on my face after usage, there wasn’t a single trace of makeup or dirt left on my face- dirt and old makeup can contribute to acne!  

A good quality moisturiser will do your skin miracles too. It is important to hydrate the skin, especially during these cold winter months. When I use the ‘Bioderma Sensibo Rich Soothing Cream (costs £15.00), my skin feels comfortable and nourished for hours– perfect for a long day at university. It is travel-friendly sized too (40ml), perfect for a flight- my skin always feels incredibly dry when I’m flying! 

  1. When buying new makeup or skincare products: 

Look out for ‘dupes’– it does your student loan wonders. Dupes are a cheaper high street alternative in comparison to luxury brand products that would be sold in Debenhams for example. Many brands create dupes and my favourite by far is ‘Sleek’. Their face contour kit in the shade ‘light’ is almost identical to Benefit’s ‘Hoola Bronzer’ in terms of colour and formula, which costs around £22. Whereas, Sleek’s contour kit cost me only around £7.  

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