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A Cost Effective Way To Pore-fect Skin

University life can be tiring, fast paced and a bit grubby. Going out all the time and eating badly can definitely start to show on your face, and your skin can break out from drinking alcohol and eating greasy foods. This summer, I tried to use products that would minimise my pores. Looking closely into the mirror I saw how huge my pores had become, meaning I was getting a lot more spots than usual. I used products within a student budget that contained ingredients to help heal my skin as well as lift dirt from my pores whilst shrinking them.  

I recently bought Witch Pore Minimising Wash. At £1.50-£2.50, which is definitely within the student budget! It’s cheap and makes your skin feel totally refreshed. It contains witch hazel and a lot of chemicals, such as Salicylic Acid, which are great for fighting spots. Usually, these sorts of ingredients would badly dry my skin out, but this wash has been different and left my skin feeling revitalized rather than run-down. The fact it’s able to keep my skin hydrated while tackling my break outs and using usually quite harsh ingredients is brilliant. Especially with winter coming, products that keep the moisture in your skin are vital.

I am a huge fan of this next product: at £3.29, is Superdrug’s Tea Tree Cleanser and Toner. Firstly, this removes make-up well, so can replace the use of make-up wipes in your skin routine (which are known for their harsh stripping of the skin). It is also a cleanser and toner in one, so fits well into a uni lifestyle where you want things to be quick and easy. Including ingredients like tea tree, it is highly healing for your skin and brilliant for any spot scars. As well as this, tea tree is a natural antiseptic, so helps to prevent any further break outs. It also feels super refreshing and is a great, easy way to keep your skin healthy.

Next, I started using a Soap and Glory product. A bit more expensive at £12.00 is the Fab Pore Moisturizing Lotion. It is brilliant if you are keen to keep your skin clean after all those nights out – as well as moisturising, it gets deep into your pores. It’s definitely best for greasy skin with an oily T-Zone. Therefore, it is probably not best to rely on as a moisturiser for the winter months because, although it isn’t drying, my skin isn’t left feeling completely hydrated. It does work as a good base for your make-up too, which saves you some money on buying a primer.

The last product has got to be my favourite product of all. It is a bit different from the rest as it is more on the expensive side, and also more of a make-up product than a skincare product. It’s called POREfessional by Benefit. Usually £24.50 for quite a small bottle, I pick up tiny sample ones from boots so I don’t break the bank, which surprisingly last a long time. It works as a balm that provides a cover for your pores under your make up, much like a primer. I use it on trouble areas and it covers my pores perfectly. Brilliant for a night out at university so you aren’t conscious of your skin!

Using all these products has been a cheap way to keep my skin healthy after all the late nights and junk food. When you try a new product, be patient – it takes 28 days for your skin to have done a new cycle, so you may not notice a different until then. Try and use products that match your skin type as nothing will work well if it’s aimed at a different skin type. Remember, drinking plenty of water also helps your skin as well as having a healthier diet and lifestyle; you can’t rely on products for everything!

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