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Study advice from RUSU Education Officer, Emma Jackson


Emma Jackson, RUSU Education Officer

It’s October already, which means either a massive welcome to Reading, or, a welcome back! It also marks the beginning of a new student officer team. After three years as an undergraduate, I will now spend the next year as your Education Officer – representing you on any and all academic issues within the University, locally and nationally.

The benefit of hindsight is a wonderful thing, and there is so much I wish I knew when I began my undergraduate studies. Yes, getting ahead academically is important, and it is always good to keep on top of your work – but definitely allow yourself some down time. My one big recommendation this year is getting involved in anything you can, be it sports, societies or volunteering; it’s the best way of meeting new people, becoming part of a wider network, and also acts as a great sanity buffer as workload increases.

There are many exciting new changes on the horizon. We have a brand new 24 hour study space located behind the RUSU building (formally known as “The Lounge”). Gone are the days where students smuggle a kettle into goodness knows where, as “The Study” is equipped with all sorts of wondrous utilities; comfy chairs, flat desks and hot water. Did I mention that it was 24 hours? There is not much more a student could want. Although rest assured, the President (Mark) and I, are still pushing for more 24/7 library provisions, so we will keep you posted on our progress! After being elected in on a manifesto, I made many promises about what I would lobby the University for. I won’t write reams on my pledges here, but in broader terms, my focus hones in on resources, feedback and support. These may seem specific, but don’t worry, what may seem like necessary evils such as hidden course costs are not off my radar! A more comprehensive outline of my aims is available on the RUSU website, so please do check it out.

AR-Logo-webSo, how can you get involved in the academic representation structure? Become a course-rep! The role of a course rep is vital in student representation across the campus. It allows students to be involved in the development and decision-making of their departments, permitting that all important student voice to be heard. Aside from the positive change you could make, it is an excellent string to your bow in terms of developing future employability skills. Oh, and guess what – nominations are now open! If you feel like taking the reins of your academic experience then why not nominate yourself today, at http://rusu.co.uk/coursereps.

Being your student officer is not about quotas or buzzwords, it’s about making sure anything we do this year really counts, and makes a positive difference to your education.  Of course, if you have any qualms or queries with anything, do not hesitate to get in touch via email, twitter or please drop in and see one of us. I look forward to working for you this year!

About Emma Jackson

Emma Jackson is the RUSU Education Officer. You can follow her on Twitter @rusu_education and email her at educationofficer@rusu.co.uk

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