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Reading Festival interviews: Blood Youth

Blood Youth- a British hardcore punk band- were preparing for their set at Reading Festival when The Spark met with lead singer Kaya Tarsus to chat about today’s performance.

Formed in 2014, the group say they are defined by their dark sounds and are one of the heaviest bands on this year’s line-up.

Here’s what else they had to say…


How does it feel to be back playing at Reading Festival?

 “It’s amazing. When the band started out we never thought we’d play at an event as big as this, but this is the 2nd year we’ve performed at Reading and Leeds now.”

“It’s so cool to be featuring in a festival we used to love as kids. Our hometown is Leeds so we were always in the crowd during our teens.”


What are you most looking forward to? What was the reaction like last year?

“We’re most looking forward to sharing our music with the crowds, I guess.”

“We’re arguably one of the heaviest bands on the bill so having this sort of niche excites us.”


You recently released your cover of a Slipknot (Sic) song. Will you be performing this today?

“No we won’t. It’s a fairly new one so we wouldn’t want to perform it without enough practice. Hopefully in the future.”


What can fans expect from your set?

“Honestly, every show is different. It all depends on the mood of the gig and the audience. But it’s definitely going to be a really heavy, screamy set. They’ll definitely be a mosh pit.”

He added: “For example, last night we played in Doncaster at a small venue with only 150 people.

“It was a really hot and sweaty set because everyone was crammed inside this tent.

“The vibe was great through, everyone was packed in tight but just having a really great time.”


How would you describe the creative process of your music?

“I couldn’t create music without my diary. I write pages and pages of notes which include random thoughts and notes on how I’m feeling at the time.”

“The writing process is very spontaneous. I fill a huge amount of pages and record several voice notes before a song can start to form.”


What is your favourite song to perform live?

“Nerve from our newest album. It’s a lot slower than our usual songs which is nice. There’s also some cooler moments in the track.”


Are there any acts on the line-up this year that you look up to as a musician?

“Post Malone. What he’s grown into in one year is just incredible.”

“I have a lot of respect for people that evolve like that. It just happens.”


You’re off to Leeds Festival tomorrow. Have you found any differences between the two branches of the festival?

“As we’re from Leeds, it’s definitely the home vibe that makes the difference.”

“Our parents are always at our gigs so there’s a real sense of nostalgia when we perform there.

“My mum’s always balling her eyes out. They’re so proud of how far we’ve come.”

“The two festivals have a completely different vibe.”


What else have the band got coming up?

“I can’t say anything as it hasn’t been announced yet, but definitely lots of touring.”

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