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Make it happen – working in television production.

We spoke to Aryan Alipour, station manager of RU:ON, about his ambitions within the television industry.

How did you first get involved within RU:ON and why did you join?

I first started with RU:ON when I wanted to create a comedy show, which was to run alongside any other shows that were happening at the time. I had joined by simply attending their members meetings and joining in different projects.

How many people work within RU:ON?

At this moment in time we have 40 potential members within the network. They help with all projects and produce the content of which we are known for.

What are the most popular positions and are you looking for more members?

We are always looking for more members as we are constantly trying to expand. We are surprised to find that all our positions are becoming popular in the sense that all our members show an overall interest in all possible positions (presenting, editing, producing, scriptwriting).

What is your proudest achievement with RU:ON?

My proudest achievement was when I was given the Best Newcomer Award in Social Media last year. It was nice to be recognised for all my work I had put into RU:ON. It was also a nice surprise that I was given an executive position within RU:ON following that award.

Do you plan on working in television production when you graduate, do you see this as vital work experience if you are trying to get into the industry?

Right now I am not sure. I’m just opening all the doors I possibly can at the moment. It would be nice to do something in marketing and TV. But only time can tell what will happen in my career.

Do you think it is important that RUSU continues to fund RU:ON and the rest of the student media?

Yes, I do believe it is important for RUSU to fund the media streams as it would be one of the only ways for RUSU media to expand and maintain their roles.

Whose work do you most admire within the Industry?

Milton Jones. Yes I’ve chosen a comedian. I decided to generalise the term industry, as we are all entertainers no matter if we are in front of the camera or behind the camera. I would love to do comedy much like Tomska and many other well-known YouTubers such as FreddieW, but they spend more time on such videos and focus on such to create revenue. Maybe someday I would be one of them, someday.

How can students use RU:ON and where can they watch your previous work?

Our previous work can be found on YouTube and in the future Vimeo. We do not generally have students making use of RU:ON but helping RU:ON create content. Having said this, as a member, you do get permission to use cameras from time to time for projects, which are indirectly related to RU:ON TV (Videologs).

What is the highest number of hits you have received on a video?

We have hit up to 30,000 views however this was a one off and may not happen in a while. We average out at 300 views per video, which is nice. We are hoping to hit the 1000s in a year or two. Our goal would be to hit the same amount of views as there are students on campus on all our videos.

Do you value your links with the other student media streams?

Very much so, we do not have the human resources to work on every project and have to rely on other streams to create content. This allows for a collaboration that benefits all streams and allows us to share resources and boost our publicity as a whole. We may be interested in completely different forms of content material, but we are all trying to reach the same goal: to provide content for our fellow students that they want to see.

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