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‘Tis the Season to Start Jogging

WITH autumn in full swing one of the best ways to keep fit is running. It’s not too hot anymore and you have that big campus to explore. To try and impress all those average couch potatoes I will point out the perks of running: Firstly, it’s free! True, high-tech gadgets can be fun but all you really need is a pair of trainers. Also, running is proven to be incredibly beneficial for your heart, as well as burning loads of calories. According to the Stanford University School of Medicine you will not only have reduced chances of illness but as a runner you will live longer.

So there we go, all the benefits are obvious, now how to get started? If you are a beginner then have a look at the free ‘10K for Pink’ phone app. The app itself is set up by the Breast Cancer charity and is a 14 week programme to take you from absolute beginner to being able to run the 10k – in the hope that you’ll do it for charity.

You have three half an hour sessions a week, which you can do whenever suits you. Even better is the fact that the app really does ease you in through alternation training, a combination of walking and running. Building up the amount you run week on week is not only much easier than just going for it and feeling disappointed but it is also extremely good for you by keeping your heart and body guessing, also reducing risk of injury. You get to listen to your music and the app tells you (in a very friendly voice) what to do whenever you need to!

However you start, it’s an incredibly beneficial hobby with endless amounts of running gear available. Obviously you don’t need anything really expensive but sometimes having a nice new pair of running shoes is all the motivation you need! Make sure you stay hydrated, and if it helps you to have a running buddy then get you friends involved and you can encourage each other as you go. Stay safe and don’t go running in the dark if you’re not wearing suitable clothing. Most importantly…have fun!

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