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Stenton Hall

Stenton Hall

SO, YOU’VE just left home and moved into a bright green building. You probably don’t know many people yet and are still finding the experience a little daunting. All of your belongings are probably stuffed under your bed, still in boxes carefully packed by your mum, and the chances of that your bedding is on yet are slim.

You might not see your folks for a while, and that can be scary—really scary. But fear not young padawan Stentoners, you’re about to embark on one of the most exciting journeys of your life so far, and if you’ve chosen to live in Stenton Hall or Townhouses, then you really have fallen on your feet.

The halls are really beautiful and you will notice everything inside is incredibly new. While it’s modernity might have you spending 20 minutes staring at the induction cooker willing it to turn itself on at your first meal, it’s design for safety ensures the chances of a fire breaking out are minimal. Also, no one can get in your flat without a key card, the doors automatically lock and security are always on hand if you need.

©University of Reading

©University of Reading

While the place looks gorgeous as is, the rooms in Stenton can be made to feel like home with very little effort. Go out and buy a few little trinkets and watch how quickly it transforms into your own little Shangri-la, especially with no parents around to chase you up. The rooms are all kitted out with double beds and en-suites, and the laundry room is just a two-minute walk away. A small luxury, but one that you won’t want to give up come summer.

The best thing about Stenton though, is undoubtedly the people; your flat will become like family (albeit a dysfunctional one at times). You won’t know how you ever lived without having them around. Still, make sure that you have time to meet other people outside of your flat. Remember you’re all in the same boat.

Everyone at Stenton wants to meet people and make friends so join the halls 5-a-side tournament, go out with your JCR, meet as many people as you can in Freshers’ Week, get a doorstop, put photos up in the kitchen, knock on other flats to invite people over, and make full use of the eighth wonder of the world, Park Bar.

As ex-Stentoners we truly envy you, so enjoy every minute!

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    Erm… those pictures aren’t of Stenton Hall!

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    Is stenton hall co-ed, and can you bring your friends over for the night if need be?

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