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Quidditch Blog 6: Harry Potter Soc, LGBT+ and GARPS Earn Their Wings

This week saw the Rocs do something a little different with Wednesday’s session being a joint venture with LGBT+, Harry Potter and GARPS societies joining in to try it out. Whilst turnout wasn’t fantastic, we still had a few from each society showing up and had a lot of fun with it.

Rather than unfairly pitch the two guest societies against the experienced team, we mixed things up and had two teams with a mix of Rocs and guests on each. Playing in red and blue, we had team Rocs (because red is our colour) and Team Microwave (which we cannot explain in print).

Gameplay was fairly even, with a score of 50 all before the snitch catch, which when it finally happened, was phenomenal, especially coming from a newcomer from one of the other societies. After two or three catches, getting beat out each time just before, Team Microwave’s seeker was getting rightly frustrated, before finally making a beautiful and clean catch, from our resident snitch-in-training, Peter Glenister.

All in all it was a great session, and hopefully we’ll be welcoming some of those who tried it out back soon!

Otherwise, this week saw us take on a very lucrative bake sale in the Union on Thursday, helping us to raise funds for BQC next term (nationals), with more (and more exciting – stay tuned!) fundraisers to come!

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