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Bedroom Gamers See the Light!

Quantum Web Café, situated on Union Street in Reading town centre, is Berkshire’s longest running internet café and Games Zone. A Kickstarter campaign has been started in order to fund a £10,000 upgrade to become the best gaming centre in the UK.

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that allows projects to seek funding from anybody and everybody in the form of ‘pledges’ in return for ‘rewards’. If you are interested in supporting the campaign, and securing yourself a piece of the action, rewards are being offered from as little as £2 right up to £600.

Owner of the web café, Jason Deane, says: “By pledging for this project you are showing support for an independent business and, even better, you can obtain rewards with real value that will never be available again.”
Jason, passionate about both retail and gaming, worked as Brand Programme Manager at Microsoft for 5 years up until 1995 and set up the UK’s first gaming centre in 1996 in Guildford.

Quantum is offering rewards such as goodie bags, a year’s gaming pass, technical or business consultancy or even putting your name on equipment or areas of the café. Offers are only available until November 19th 2015, so act fast!

Jason Deane explains how: “Back in the early 90’s, multiplayer or LAN (Local Area Network) gaming exploded onto the scene with the creation of the first networkable games such as ‘Doom’ and ‘Castle Wolfenstein’. LAN centres sprung up all over the country and Quantum web café was a key part of this revolution, opening in 1999.”

In the 00’s, when technology improved and as better broadband speeds became available, PC gaming went out of fashion and console gaming took over. However nowadays, many gamers want to come out of their bedrooms and once again play in large social groups. Thus, this project came about.

“This has created an unexpected problem because there are so few centres left and no-one is really willing to spend the time and money to build a new one.” The owner continues: “What you need is an established centre with a great reputation to build on, and that’s where we come in!”

19 year old regular gamer Edward says: “It was inevitable that PC gaming would come back into fashion as it is much more versatile and has a better multiplayer community.”

If you would like to pledge or simple know more, visit www.quantumwebcafe.co.uk or drop into the café for a chat!


Quantum Web Café

7 Union Street, Reading, RG1 1EU

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