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RUDS: A Guide to Reading’s Drama Society

Words by Ben Harper Stone & Josh Bryant.


Drama societies have had a large presence in university life for decades. Our university is no exception, with the Reading University Drama Society (RUDS) boasting over a hundred members. The society performs throughout the year, with shows ranging from Shakespeare’s classics to contemporary musicals. But what’s it actually like to be in RUDS?  

Involvement in this society has been highly rewarding due to its many hard-working and dedicated members working on what they are passionate about, from acting to directing, set design and lighting. 

Although it can be intimidating to go into, many of the people who join are surprised by the wide array of people who join the society from various degree programs. Hence, RUDS is very accommodating towards non-drama students with different time schedules. 

Getting cast in a show can be very challenging and time-consuming, but it provides a worthwhile and rewarding experience. Working with so many other talented, like-minded people really brings you together as you make something you can be proud of at the end of it. I’ve made many of my friends through RUDS and I’d say it really fast-tracks you into some strong resilient relationships. 

RUDS has auditions and workshops throughout the year to enable new members to join at any point, even well into the final term with events like 24hour musical or The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  

As a highly social society, RUDS have a number of social events throughout the year accompanying their performances like the Trevor awards which recognizes all the hard work members have put in throughout the year. The RUDS community can catalyze strong bonds between members to create lasting friendships between people who might otherwise never have met. 

RUDS provides so many opportunities to get into the thick of it and involve yourself. If you put in the effort and keep trying RUDS can become one of the most enjoyable and dynamic parts of university life, whether you join for just one show or every single event. 

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