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One Punch Man
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One Punch Man Season 2. Was it worth watching?

It is undeniable that One Punch Man Season 2 (OPM) lacks the high-quality animation of its predecessor. With jarring transitions, unsynchronised lip movements, dim lighting and weird sound effects, it is understandable why some OPM fans refused to watch this second season.

However, if you put aside the choppy animation and focus on the show’s other aspects, it is still watchable.

First, the second season introduces a new antagonist named Garo who seeks to destroy all heroes and gains the reputation of being the infamous “Hero Hunter”. At first, Garo seems to be a predictable and one-dimensional villain, but fortunately the show does an outstanding job of making him a complex and captivating character (capable of both dangerous wit and endearing compassion) by gradually revealing his sad backstory. As you begin to watch more of Garou, you realise that he is a unique villain who you sometimes find yourself siding with even though you are supposed to be against him.

Second, Garou is not the only new interesting character in this season. There is the self-centred and strong Suiryu who snobbishly views heroes as being boring and weak and there is also the psychokinetic B-class hero, Fubuki, who aims to rise through the hero ranks (to catch up with her older sister, the S-class Tornado) by asking new heroes to join her team or by defeating them if they refuse to join her. Like Garou, these two characters initially seem plain but they undergo amazing character developments that make them become intriguing.

Third, the show still keeps the well-loved comedy of the first season. With funny lines, humorous character designs and Saitama hilariously and anti-climatically defeating powerful and terrifying enemies with one punch (no pun intended), you will definitely laugh.

Last, needless to say, the music for this season was superb. There were new heavy and energetic tracks, soothing tunes and renditions of older and nostalgic pieces from the previous season. The diverse soundtrack represents the season’s mixture of chaos, calmness and comedy.

If you are more interested in the show’s story rather than its animation, then you should definitely watch OPM Season 2.

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