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Photo by Ruslan Alekso from Pexels

REVIEW: Run by Joji

Joji may not be a household name, but the up-and-coming musician behind 2018’s ‘Slow Dancing in the Dark’ is rousing listeners and reviewers alike with his new track, Run. 

Abandoning the lo-fi production value the R&B singer has grown accustomed to, ‘Run’ opts to embrace a more sophisticated, alternative take on the genre.

This emotionally-charged ballad serves as a reminder of Joji’s impressive vocal capacity, while introducing a dreamy falsetto melody in the chorus.

Real name George Miller, the artist’s alias, Jojidiffers starkly from his past online personas, including the likes of Pink Guy.

Backed by echoing electric guitars, Miller’s new single will have listeners running to download his latest track on Spotify. 

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