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"Now I'm In It" (HAIM)
"Now I'm In It" (HAIM)-Polydor

Our Favourite Sister Trio is Back: New Music From Haim

The HAIM sisters are back with two new retro-infused singles straight out of sunny LA. Reinvigorating the classic rock of Fleetwood Mac, adding their own unique blend of dream pop and dance, their songs are always fierce, fun and feminine.  

Our summers were graced with the aptlynamed “Summer Girl”, inspired by the iconic bass-line from Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side”. Lead vocalist, Danielle Haim, got LA on all of our minds with “Summer Girl’s” jazz saxophone motif and ’90s RnB-esque drums 

Their latest single, “Now I’m In It”, breaks from this free-spirited synth-pop groove and indulges in what could only be defined as a “sad banger.” The piano and drum solos offer a gentle catharsis in the electro-pop aesthetic of the song. It’s the perfect soundtrack to clubbing sad-girl on the dancefloor. Think Diane from Trainspotting in 1996.  

Pairing the two together is a strangely comforting pendulum of emotions. It’s a reminder that bad times are temporary, but summer is always just around the corner.  

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