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Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash
Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

‘I got the power’

When Little Mix came out with their new album LM5, there came another Little Mix tour. I recently went with my sister and was blown away by the message of female empowerment their concert promoted.  With lyrics like ‘If you never been told how you gotta be… if you never shouted to be heard, you ain’t lived in a woman’s world’ they have a clear agenda of raising awareness of women’s struggles ad how society needs to change.  Not only through the lyrics but by their stage presence, dance moves and the on-screen visuals.   

With their main demographic being young girls and women, this is the perfect message to be spreading, throughout the whole concert they sang about loving their bodies, not caring what anyone else thinks of you and the sisterhood between them as band members and between women as a whole.  Their emergence as feminist icons will inspire their fans who have idolised them since the band formed back in 2011. Since splitting from their previous record label to produce their 5th album they have been granted the freedom to express themselves through their music. The tour comes after the band have taken many steps to speak about empowerment. At the end of 2018, to promote their single Strip (which was played at their concert) they posed nude with hate comments written over their bodies which included ‘Fat’, ‘Ugly’ and ‘Slutty’.  This was intended to combat such comments and address the negativity they have been subjected to from people feeling they need to make hateful comments about them.   

Outside of their music one of the band members Jesy Nelson came out with her documentary Odd One Out earlier this year in September in which she discussed her mental health, body image and online bullying she endured since winning the X-Factor. In this she speaks about the issues she faced and speaks to others about what they endured and the difficult journey to overcome this and how they learnt to love themselves. This is especially powerful in a time fuelled by social media where people feel they can speak their mind, it gives those who are suffering through the same thing solace that they are not alone and that they too can get through what they are experiencing.  Going to the concert after watching this made a message of body empowerment much more poignant as it clearly comes from the heart. All this leads me to believe Little Mix are the prefect role models for girls, teaching them they need to love themselves and don’t need to answer to anyone 

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