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Captain Marvel

Inspiring, Funny and Tender: A Captain Marvel Review 

Captain Marvel is a colourful, inspiring and surprisingly heartfelt addition to the MCU’s growing catalogue of universally loved superheroes – and believe me, our fresh-faced and instantly likeable heroine does not drop the ball.

That said, I would like to say that whilst this film is an above par spin on Marvel’s origin movie formula, it is by no means perfect. It suffers from some minor caveats along the way, such as pacing issues that make the narrative drag and seem clunky.

A friend of mine who saw it perfectly summed it up when he said that he wasn’t sure he was enjoying the film until around the midway point when it really comes into its own and sets up an epic second half. He’s a casual Marvel fan and I would imagine that most average-movie goers will have similar sentiments.

Captain Marvel’s other weakness lies in its VFX and some of the costume designs which, apart from the Skrull shape-shifting and Captain Marvel’s abilities themselves, fall below the standard set by Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor: Ragnarok and Infinity War.

Now I’ve got that out of the way, let’s focus on the strengths of this film: Brie Larson as Carol Danvers is funny, charismatic and quirky, and I cannot wait for her to play a larger role in the MCU going forward – from her innate badassery to her chemistry with the supporting cast, who I will come on to in a minute, to her very resonant quest to discover who she is. I mean, who at our age doesn’t find that relatable?

Captain Marvel has a good soundtrack and decent villains in the form of the self-righteous Kree Empire but its greatest strength, bar the hero herself, is undoubtedly its impressive roster of supporting talent. Samuel L. Jackson’s digitally de-aged Nick Fury is everything you’d expect from a plucky government agent who finds himself caught in a buddy-cop relationship with an alien warrior, and Ben Mendhelson’s sarcastic but jarringly tender Skrull General Talos provides a highly relevant platform upon which to explore the themes of war, terrorism and the families caught in an otherwise sci-fi setting.

Jude Law’s deliciously smarmy Yon-Rogg and Annette Benning’s secret character are also clear standouts in this film. Overall, I believe that Captain Marvel will appeal to fans of the MCU both new and old, whilst bringing something fresh, inspiring and at times tear-jerking to an increasingly crowded universe of heroes and heroines that audiences can look forward to seeing more of in the future.

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