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What’s hot on Netflix?

Whether you can afford the luxury of Netflix or “accidentally” forget to log out of your friend’s account, watching the delights on offer is a great way to procrastinate. Yet, you can often feel spoiled for choice. Here are some selections that will have you glued to your seat when the next episode automatically loads.

Netflix Original Series

Netflix was already appealing with the huge array of films and television it had to offer, free from advertising and bad quality. However the online service has become a game changer in the consumption of visual media with its Netflix Original Series, proving it can make great TV as well as showcase it.

My personal favourite is American political drama House of Cards, starring the brilliant Kevin Spacey as ruthless Frank Underwood, a politician manipulating his way to Presidency. If you prefer something lighter, there is the hilarious and heartwarming Orange is the New Black, a comedy drama about Piper Chapman’s experience in a women’s prison. The latest addition to the Original Series category is the sitcom Bojack Horseman, a bizarre but funny animation about a washed up actor who also happens to be a horse.

Make ‘em laugh

There is a great selection of comedic offerings on Netflix; it is quite hard to limit the list! There are Channel 4 classics such as Black Books and Peep Show, for those who have no clue what they’re doing with their life. Fresh Meat is a must-watch for all freshers joining university this year. Admittedly, most of you won’t severely injure someone on a dentistry course, or be as posh as JP, but it’s hard to not identify with some part of the show’s student life.

From across the pond there is the filthy and ridiculous It’s Always Sunny in Philaphedia, which has been described as “Seinfeld on crack.” Netflix also provides RuPaul’s Drag Race which is utterly fabulous and you will probably find yourself claiming RuPaul’s catchphrase “if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” as your life mantra.


Feeling homesick? Indulge in some nostalgia with 90’s teen classics like Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You and She’s All That. For those wanting something less rom com, there is Clerks, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Wayne’s World. All of these are best enjoyed in PJs with your flatmates… and a good amount of ice cream.

What better way to relax than watching Netflix with your flatmates

What better way to relax than watching Netflix with your flatmates

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