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The Two Popes review

Critically acclaimed Brazilian director Fernando Meirelles recently gave the University of Reading an exclusive screening of his upcoming film, The Two Popes.

It follows both Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis during the period of 2005 to 2013. The film is vibrant, beautifully shot, with an eclectic and animated soundtrack (including “Dancing Queen” by ABBA, because why not?).

The humour is what makes this film stand out. Despite the subject matter being traditionally refined, Meirelles adds levels of comedy and light-heartedness which are integrated lightly and fluidly, making it laugh-out-loud funny. 

Performances from Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce are astounding as scenes with the two are electric and filled with depth and subtlety. Awards season will be busy for them! The film may come under some scrutiny for the fact it does gloss over large Catholic scandals which occurred, bu it is is still fairly liberal in its leaning towards Pope Francis. 

South American culture comes to life in the movie as animated and lively, which is wonderfully juxtaposed with the composure and restrictedness of Catholicism. 

Released on the 29th November, I highly recommend this beautiful and complex film. It’ll stay with you for a while. 

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