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Photo Credit: Love Productions/BBC

The Great British Bake Off has returned to our hearts

The nations favourite reality series about soggy bottoms, the Hollywood handshake and a ridiculous amount of sexual innuendos, is back. And as my heart cannot begin to talk about the horrifying news of the British classic MOVING to Channel 4 and Mel and Sue leaving FOREVER, I shall not, and instead focus on the positives and what series 7 has presented to its eager audience already.


Photo Credit: Love Productions/BBC

The Candidates

Although the Bake off did not have the best of starts due to the controversial and gender specified coloured icing of each contestant in their press photo, which has now been altered by the BBC, this year’s contestants are amazing as the years before. With the oldest contestant aged 67 (Lee, the Pastor) and the youngest being 20 (Michael, the Student), this year’s bake off includes candidate such as a chilled Salasi, who doesn’t seem to care at all and an anxious Candice, who seems to care too much. With Val the substitute teacher, Jane the gardener and Andrew the aerospace engineer it is needless to say this year’s contestants are original as ever. Currently, after 3 weeks of baking, the show has lost both Lee, Michael, and Welsh Hairdresser Louise after her gingerbread meltdown, leaving us with 9 beautiful bakers.

Contestants Michael and Tom with blue icing

Photo Credit: Love Productions/BBC

The Challenges

The challenges of Great British Bake Off are tense, stressful and hilarious to watch. So far during series 7, we have experienced cake, biscuit and bread week. Experiencing show challenges such as the drizzle signature, a Viennese Whirl technical challenge and the savoury bread showstopper, we have yet to see a scandal like Ian’s baked Alaska of 2015 (R.I.P again) or the custard gate of 2013, but nevertheless I’m still hopeful for a scandal to break out. This week the contestants will be experiencing ‘batter’ week, a first for GBBO, which will apparently include something to do with Yorkshire puddings…it is needless to say that I’m more than excited.


Photo Credit: Love Productions/BBC

The Future

The ratings for the opening episode just shows how popular the show is to British population. With 10.4 million viewers watching the first episode, in comparison to the 9.3 million in 2015, it made Bake Off the most watched television show in 2016. This number also exceeds 2015’s final episode, thus making the opening episode of season 7 the most watched television show.

With regards to the contestants, it is still up in the air who is favourite to win this year’s competition. Whilst previously believed to be Selasi it was his bump in the road from bread that had now made 25-year-old Andrew the favourite to win the title of ‘Great British Baker’ this year. Who knows what will happen, as long as it doesn’t end soon I don’t care.

Credit: Love Productions/BBC

Photo Credit: Love Productions/BBC

Yes, this year has been pretty crappy for the entertainment world, but the fact that Bake off includes people of different backgrounds, race and gender who are only judged on their ability to bake bread that is steamed which no one has ever heard before shows why this programme is loved. People are brought together through the dramas of dough, icing and whisking, giving me one reason why I love being British.  This alone provides one example that shows why this show is as popular as it is.

As always, presenters Mel and Sue are providing to be one of the best parts of this show, apart from the actual baking part. Their wit and innuendos are one of the most anticipated parts viewers look forward to each week, and the show will never be the same without them. Even if there may be a petition to keep the Bake Off at the BBC, the show will always be a classic and whoever argues against that I will personally believe they don’t have a heart big enough to accept Mel, Sue, Paul, Mary and the whole bake off family.


The Great British Bake Off is on BBC One every Wednesday at 8pm.

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