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REVIEW: Netflix’s The Stranger

Netflix has turned out another book adaptation, this time with The Stranger, from Harlan Coben’s novel of the same title.

This suspenseful tale of corruption and lies in a middle class suburban neighbourhood has an all-star cast to match the all-star creation.

The basic premise is that a mysterious stranger appears and tells Adam Price – wondrously portrayed by Richard Armitage – a secret about his wife which has a catastrophic domino effect.

Following family and societal drama within schools, the police department, and domestic settings, it avoids being another standard law enforcement show about gratuitous male violence and baby boomer indulgences, with fresh additions of a younger cast.

Full of twists, you’re kept on your toes without feeling that it’s piled on continuously for dramatic effect. Not only is it thrilling, it also has comedy integrated through it to avoid a one-note and dense viewing experience.  

The cast is outstanding, as aforementioned Richard Armitage stuns in the lead role; a doting father and husband who delivers a caring but stoic performance.

Siobhan Finneran and Jennifer Saunders are as charming and exciting as ever, providing portrayals of middle aged woman which doesn’t reduce them down to the usual stereotypes, and Hannah John-Kamen is emotive and wrathful as the tortured antagonist.

With shocking yet not gratuitous violence, and a compelling, complex narrative, this show is a new binge worthy Netflix addition which you can’t help but watch all in one go. 

4 stars

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