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CATS film review: struck of its nine lives before reaching the screen?

A dictionary, love for cats, and impartial outlook were just a few of the features required by viewers of December’s highly-anticipated Cats.

The majorly criticised remake of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical- which was rated as low as 1 star by top news outlets including The Guardian- was struck of its nine lives before given the chance to impress cinema-goers.

Cats tells the tale of a community of felines- known as Jellicle Cats- who live their lives in anticipation of becoming the chosen one.

And in an attempt to avoid plot complexities, director Tom Hooper selected the white cat Victoria- elegantly played by Royal Ballet dancer Francesca Hayward- as the film’s narrator; taking viewers on a tour of the Jellicle family in a much more clear-cut manner that the original show.

The film’s impressive cast- featuring Judi Dench, Rebel Wilson, Ian McKellen, Taylor Swift and Jason Derulo- made for an interesting variety of entertainment.

Familiar faces also included James Corden- who gave a heartwarmingly fun portrayal of Bustopher Jones- and Idris Elba who sunk his claws into the villainous role of Macavity.

It is worth noting, however, that occasional CGI misjudgments caused Elba’s character to evoke more humour than fear.

The film’s strongest qualities include its spectacular score and dance numbers. Particularly impressive performances were given by Ian McKellen, Robbie Fairchild, and Jennifer Hudson whose stellar vocals captivated audiences.

Despite the negative reviews Cats has attracted, I highly enjoyed the film and would encourage those debating to see it, to give it the chance it deserves.

3 stars

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