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Bit of a Cinephile? Reading has it all!

If like myself, you can’t get enough of the big screen then Reading has you covered! From Vue’s multi-screen complex located in the heart of Reading Town Centre, to the private Reading Film Theatre located right in the middle of our campus, there’s no excuse to miss seeing the latest blockbusters.  

Many are understandably put off the idea of going out to the cinema due to rising ticket prices, unaffordable snacks and those obnoxious people eating popcorn loudly at the back. However, as a student with a packed schedule during the day, the evenings offer the best time to go. This means that at later times on weekdays it is not uncommon to be treated to an almost private viewing at Vue, with audiences usually only filling the seats during weekends. Combine this with a generous student discount on your ticket and there’s no excuse not to go.

The cinema itself can be found on the riverside, close to the entrance to Reading’s famous shopping centre The Oracle. Situated right next to two student favourites, Starbucks and Nandos, your evening (or if you’re lucky, date night!) can easily be made a success by enjoying dinner before or after the movie.

Alternatively, if you don’t quite fancy the walk/bus ride into town, there is always the Reading Film Theatre. The company host weekly screenings of all the latest films and more in Whiteknight’s Campus’ very own Palmer Building, in lecture theatre G10. These are often on a Thursday night from around 7/7:30 and can be anything from the most recent blockbusters to foreign cinema and documentaries. Tickets are cheaper than you would otherwise find in town and with a student discount thrown in it’s hard to find a reason not to go.

One disadvantage is that, being a private theatre, you may have be wait a bit longer before the biggest names in cinema can be shown. However, this is not usually more than a month or two. Furthermore, with the Palmer Building being within very reasonable walking distance of the Park Group halls it almost seems too good to turn down!

So whether you’re dying to see the latest instalment of the Marvel cinematic universe, or prefer to explore your tastes by watching something a little more obscure, the choice is certainly there for you. So grab some popcorn, put your feet up and be sure to head on down!

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  1. a.westgarth@reading.ac.uk'

    Special offer at Reading Film Theatre for f/t undergrads, a year’s membership for half price, that’s just £10, if you join before end of October 2015. See http://www.readingfilmtheatre.co.uk for details.

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