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Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quin Review

4 stars 


Following the somewhat disaster of Suicide SquadBirds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn kicks onto the big screen in a crazy explosion of colour and character – creating a fun, eclectic and exciting film with insane fight sequences and genuine personality.  


Margot Robbie’s dream baby fulfilled expectations whilst wonderfully glossing over Suicide Squad, especially with the lack of Jared Leto. The Joker is a looming presence over the film as reference to the DCEU is made, but just as an abusive ex-boyfriend (which of course he is.)  


The cast is fantastic, fully embodying their charactersJurnee Smollet-Bell becomes Black Canary, a mix of snark, kindness, and high kicks who bounces off Robbie’s Quinn hilariously. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is excellent as ever, excelling as Huntress in both comedic and physical aspects.  


The variation of women both in terms of ethnic and sexual diversity is so refreshing for a comic book movie, relieving us of male angst and two-second suggestions to a gay character. Their variation in attitudes and characteristics flesh out these women to well-rounded personalities.  


Margot Robbie personifies Quinn, the perfect mix of badass, caring, and slightly unhinged that delights the screen, her stunt work and dedication as actor and producer evident.  


Occasionally the narration can be a little clumsy, but this in no way distracts from the overall vibe of the film, which remains fast-paced, exuberant and just plain mad.  

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