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The Kind of Love

I don’t want the kind of love

That’s impossible to reach

Where law and circumstance permits

No content to impeach


I don’t want the kind of love

That’s an anxious, toxic feat

Of infidels and cowards wrought

To a feeling bittersweet


I don’t want the kind of love

That was fake and ill deserved

Where ‘love’ was used as weaponry

With no hope to be preserved


I want the kind of love that’s calm,

With no worry of remiss

But brimming with endearment’s care

And fulfilling, just like this




Poem by Rhiannon Ford

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RUWG provides workshops focusing on developing members’ writing skills in a variety of fields, including prose, poetry, and drama, as well as non-fiction branches such as speech writing. We aim to provide a no-judgement atmosphere in which budding writers can share their work. Constructive peer criticism will equip people with the skills they need to become the best writer they can be, and by giving writers a space to publish their work if they wish, we hope to foster a lifelong passion in the hearts of our members for creative writing.

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