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Path of Stone

By J. E. Coombes


I know the ground beneath your feet is rough;

The road ahead is paved with weathered stones,

Crumbling and cracked. Hear how that cruel wind moans—

Each blast erodes your will. You cry, “Enough!

Long have I travelled down this broken path,

Long has it tested me with countless trials,

Why must I trudge these gruelling uphill miles?

What fate is this, what vengeful deity’s wrath?”

Yet still the ground remains beneath your feet.

Its stones, cold and immovable, don’t care

That to you, your pilgrimage seems vain.

Those noble hurdles you refuse to jump:

Honour them dearly—they will guide you There.

Your quest will bold contentment render plain.

About Reading University Writers Guild

RUWG provides workshops focusing on developing members’ writing skills in a variety of fields, including prose, poetry, and drama, as well as non-fiction branches such as speech writing. We aim to provide a no-judgement atmosphere in which budding writers can share their work. Constructive peer criticism will equip people with the skills they need to become the best writer they can be, and by giving writers a space to publish their work if they wish, we hope to foster a lifelong passion in the hearts of our members for creative writing.

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