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Nature’s Revenge

By Raagulan Umashanker

(the sequel to “Mankind’s Damned Garden”)
An ideal garden for nature, not for man.


Concrete and coloured glass

Invaded by persistent weeds and fountain grass.

Pathways, patios and passages

Decimated by flying ant savages.

The chain saw blade near the shadowy ivy

Entangled and restrained by its long stems slyly.

The aged and decapitated stump

Covered with a toadstool clump.

The brown hedgehogs vengefully return

Spiked up and open-stealthily hiding behind rasp fern.

The foxes jump over the fence rails

Preparing to strike the dog that bit their ash grey tails.

Dangerously bright flowers, spiny leaves and poisonous fruits

Unbreakable from their thick roots.

The bees are aggressively humming

For their violent attack is coming.

The rosebush set on fire

Has now regrown thicker and higher.

The broken greenhouse

Now populated by parasitic pups from a mouse.

The abundant ruby apples that the people used to pluck

Already gone by the emerald parrots who greedily sucked.


Their Garden of Eden.

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