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Harry Potter Studio Tour!

My Magical Experience Visiting the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studios Tour

When I first heard about a Harry Potter Studios tour opening, it really excited me as to how I could go and see objects, props and sets from the films I adore. Ever since 1997 (woah!), when the first Harry Potter novel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, was released, I was captivated by J. K. Rowling’s incredible and simply magical stories. To see everything I loved watching on the big screen for the ten years that the films existed was an enchanting concept for me – and to put it simply, I just had to go! This article tells of my experience at the Harry Potter Studios tour which is situated near Watford. For us Reading students, it is not far at all to go and I fully recommend it to all people because it worth every penny!

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Firstly, the tour started with a cinema viewing where the steward said, ‘now we are going to watch all eight Harry Potter movies – enjoy!’ Thus, we watched all eight Harry Potter movies… only joking, but she did say this and I was wondering whether we were really going to have to sit through 1178 minutes of Harry Potter. Luckily, she was and the magic started right from the very start as Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint appeared on the screen introducing the tour. Then the screen, which we assumed was on a wall (as anyone would), lifted up and behind it was the entrance to the Great Hall! It was truly magical!

The Great Hall was fantastic! It is magnificent to see how much detail has gone into this room which unfortunately, goes unnoticed when watching the films. For instance, behind the fireplace there is a massive Hogwarts crest and the House Points Counter which is situated behind the professors, was rumoured to have caused a national shortage of Indian glass beads!

Next, is ‘The Big Room’ which has costumes, sets and green screens. Arguably the best room of the whole tour, here is where Hermione’s beautiful Yule Ball dress is. The Gryffindor boys’ dormitory is a real marvel and this is because the same set was used throughout the whole eight films. This means the beds are still the same size as they were in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – they’re tiny! Snape’s Potion Room is located here and was, interestingly, also used as Slughorn’s classroom and the place where Fluffy was kept. However, Dumbledore’s office is the room which was the real showstopper and is where the famous Sorting Hat is situated. Also, you get this interesting, uncomfortable feeling as you really do expect the paintings to move.

The last part of the Harry Potter tour is the stunning Hogwarts castle model. The model has 300 fibre optic lights for the windows and gives the illusion of students walking down the corridors. Modelled on the Highlands of Scotland, Durham cathedral and Alnwick castle, the model is stunning and was used throughout every film. It is a mystical experience to end a magical journey!

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Diagon Alley, the animatronic creatures (Dobby!), 4 Privet Drive, the Hogwarts Bridge and the Knight bus are only some of the more astounding objects to see at the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studios tour. I would highly recommend this tour not to just Harry Potter fans but everyone because not only is it incredible to experience the world of Harry Potter in real life but the cinematic, modelling and art effects are thoroughly interesting. This magical, enchanting and mystical experience is absolutely worth it and everyone should embark upon the same spell-binding journey!


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