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Embrace Autumn

There’s nothing more satisfying than autumn in Britain; with its crunchy crisp leaves, root veg overload and frosty mornings. With the array of copper, rust and auburn hues dominating the natural world as everything settles down to hibernate for the impending harsh winter months, it is one of the calmest seasons. Obviously, one cannot avoid the lashings of rain of an October afternoon, or the unpleasant cold wake ups before trudging to lectures/ work – not forgetting the short daylight hours! However, make the most of the jumper-wearing season and learn to love it for what it is.

PSBark Close Up

Relish that quick approaching dusk and those hazy evenings in November. Embrace the log fires, brilliant bonfire nights, hearty stews, coastal cheer, Halloween parties, roasted nuts, country pubs, frosty dewy walks and invest in a good coat, pair of boots and gloves. Feel the warmth on your face as you stand around a bonfire, its glimmering flames rippling in the light with its rust yellow ochre’s and fiery red leaves which twirl and dance like the flickering flames as they are whipped and blown in the last of the summer sunlight. Autumn is my favourite season; it contains all of the delights of the pre-Christmas warm-up, without the pressure.

PSLuminous Ivy

Main feature photog- Ellen North-Row
Photog in article ‘Ivy’ copyright- Sophie Jefferies

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