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Last weekend I finally got to the see the show that I have been waiting years to see. I had tickets to see it on Broadway in New York but due to the Hurricane that became known to me as ‘Selfish Sandy’, the show was unfortunately cancelled so my waiting continued once more but all good things come to those who wait and Mamma Mia certainly did not disappoint.


I know you’re probably all thinking ‘my grandma saw that show’ or ‘I bought my mum the DVD for her birthday’ but if you’ve never seen it, you are most definitely missing out. I went with my mum and there was no one more perfect for me to go with as the story is totally relevant: a mother, a daughter and the three possible fathers (well it’s almost totally relevant.) The plot quickly unfolds to a scene on a beautiful Greek island where a daughter who on the eve of her wedding is trying to discover the identity of her father so she invites three mystery men from her mother’s past.


The story is enhanced through the telling of the tale singing ABBA’s greatest hits. Now you may be thinking what relevance do ABBA lyrics have in a modern society but it is surprising the amount of impact they do still have.

Letting your loved one know what they mean to them, reminiscing on old feelings and of course, friendship and heartbreak.

The cast were so amazingly talented and their enthusiasm and passion for their work shone through. The set and props were not the most amazing I’ve seen on the West End, the main stage was just two walls which they kept on turning throughout the different scenes, but I think it was the simplicity which made me so in awe of it.


If you’ve seen the film, the show runs on pretty much the same plot. The characters all have very similar characteristics but the vocal talent is in an entirely different league. The whole audience was mesmerised be it with one actor or a whole chorus of people singing. My favourite moment had to be when Sky and Sophie were singing ‘Lay All Your Love On Me’ to each other only to be interrupted when Sky is snatched for his bachelor party. Gorgeous, ripped and tanned young men run onto the stage wearing nothing but flippers and half zipped up wet suits whilst singing. What more could a girl ask for?


The end of the musical was one of the best I’ve seen. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who hasn’t seen it but I will just say you can get up and dance if you want to… I was sat next to a young Eastern European girl, which then made me, look around to assess the rest of the audience. I couldn’t tell you an average age and I think that’s what makes the show so special as it can be enjoyed whether you’re 8 years old or 80, and there were quite a few men in the audience too! So Thank You For The Musical Abba, and for giving it to me.



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