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15 reasons to visit Egypt

As someone who is from Egypt, I could tell you many reasons to come to Egypt and would go on and on for hours about itbut here are my top 15 reasons:  


  1. It is very cheap and affordable
  2. The weather is beyond amazing especially in March and April time. It is not too hot and not too cold
  3. The food is full of flavour and different than anywhere else  
  4. The people are very friendly and interesting to meet  
  5. The culture is beautiful to learn about  
  6. Roaming around in the night in the middle of Cairo is just beautiful while listening to people play instruments and hearing the different stories from people around you  
  7. Seeing the pyramids  
  8. Best scuba diving and snorkelling in the world  
  9. Surrounded by the Mediterranean and Red Sea  
  10. Thrilling desert safari and sand boarding  
  11. Sailing on the River Nile  
  12. Riding camels 
  13. The beaches are beautiful  
  14. A lot of water activities  
  15. Many monuments and temples to visit: a lot of history  

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