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Gene therapy for dogs

The focal defect in type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is the inability to control glucose levels in the body due to a lack of insulin. Insulin is usually the mediator of glucose levels in the blood; the cause of type 1 DM is the destruction of insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas by the body’s own immune system. This form of diabetes is not preventable or curable in humans, and affects approximately 20 million people worldwide, many of these are children or adolescents; therefore it is important that scientists are conducting experiments in the hopes of finding a cure.» >

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Animal-tested cosmetics banned throughout the EU

The 11th March 2013 saw the long fought for ban on the sale of cosmetics come into action. This includes all personal-care products. What’s more it does not matter where in the world the testing takes place, no animal-tested cosmetic itemor ingredients can be sold within the European Union (EU). Any tests that were being carried out have now been abandoned.

This ban has had a global effect: Even products that are tested and made outside the EU are now prohibited from our shelves.» >

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Just how sci-fi is Black Mirror?


WARNING: This review contains spoilers.

The second season of Charlie Brooker’s series ‘Black Mirror’ finished this week. The debut season that was screened last year which featured Zoophilia, human augmentation and talent shows was not, to my mind, very good. I thought it was shallow, unentertaining and pretentious. The series was marketed as ‘dark’ and ‘scathing social satire’ but really did nothing for me, I didn’t think it contributed anything new to public debate that hasn’t been explored before, and explored better without Apple products waved around with irritating prominence.» >

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When did black holes get confused with the eye of Sauron?

Losing distinction between SF and Fantasy

Now, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy a good fantasy novel as much as the next Tolkien or Neil Gaiman fan, but it seems as if the genres of sci-fi and fantasy are being merged together. Fan websites, book shops and review sites more often than not have sci-fi and fantasy packaged up together. ‘Why is this a problem?’ you may ask. It is because the genres of fantasy and sci-fi are becoming lost within one another.» >

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By the power of twitter

Twitter, the social media giant, boasts the largest growing network in the world. Figures illustrate that at least 21% of the internet population are now active on the social network. This may not seem as large as one would think, however, when put into context the full scale of this figure is revealed. Consider the fact that only 35% of the worlds population have access to the internet. This means that over half of those that use the internet are regular users of Twitter!» >

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Unmasking Neuroscience: Are you smarter than a dead salmon?

Brain imaging studies are becoming increasingly prolific in the news and on websites, blogs
and journals. Some of these have good internal and external validity, methodology and peer
reviews, however a substantial amount do not. The study of brain imaging had its inception
back in 1895 on the 8th November when Wilhelm Röntgen discovered X­rays, and since this
time methods and analysis for investigating functional and anatomical aspects of the brain
have ever since improved and are still doing so today. » >

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