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Smoking Science: Got a light?

Cannabis is a natural plant, which has been classified as a Class B drug. This means it is illegal to have for yourself, to give away or to sell it. It is possible to be sentences 5 years in prison and/or an unlimited fine if you are found to be in possession of cannabis, and up to 14 years in prison and/or an unlimited fine if you are found to be dealing or supplying this natural substance.» >

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Free app of the week: NeuroSlice

I found this app useful when preparing for and throughout an fMRI data  analysis module. NeuroSlice is great for teaching you to identify  individual anatomical regions in the human brain; including nuclei,  tracts in the brain and the spinal chord. Examples include, the  hippocampus, Slyvian fissure and Precentral gyrus. It contains 40 MRI scans of human  brains to test your recognition of neuroanatomy.» >

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uProxy : Freedom through Facebook

logowww.androidmag.de - Daniel Kuhn

Matt Twells

Whilst the rest of the world was busy Snapchatting each other pictures of their contorted faces doing the Miley Cyrus tongue – something genuinely interesting and important came along. UProxy, built by collaboration between firm Brave New Software and the University of Washington, is a tool that lets you lend your internet connection through social media to people all over the world living under repressive regimes. By repressive regime, I mean actual repressive ones, not your lecturer in Agriculture who won’t let you finish that tweet that you’re #lovinglife.» >

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The science of being drunk

Alcohol consumption has been part of the human diet for thousands of years, and most people have experienced the effects of alcoholic beverages.Around 20% ethanol consumed is absorbed rapidly through the stomach lining after consumption, into the bloodstream, and the rest is absorbed through the small intestine and distributed throughout the entire body.Alcohol lowers the function of the central nervous system (CNS) in a concentration-dependent manner; this means there can be different levels of drunk, depending on the blood alcohol concentration (BAC).» >

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Antibiotic resistance: more of a threat than you think!


Almost everyone has taken antibiotics at some point in their lives, whether it is for that nasty bout of tonsillitis or for something more serious, but are all patients aware of the increasing resistance to such useful medicines?

Possibly the most famous case is MRSA (Methicillin Resistant StaphlococcusAureas) which in recent years has become a major threat within hospitals. As the name suggests, this particular bacterial strain has the ability to withstand some of the most effective antibiotics, allowing the infection to persist and increase the likely-hood of transmission to others.» >

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FBI takes away citizens’ rights for money & control

The FBI seized the digital black market in the vain hope to reduce recreational drug use and sales. Not only has the FBI shut down Silk Road but they have acquired 26,000 Bitcoins which are worth around $122 each making a total of around $3,172,000. This is a favourable sum of money for a government in financial crisis.

The burning question is what is going to happen to the $3,172,000 seized from Silk Road?» >

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