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Album Review: Bangerz- Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus’s fourth studio album follows a period of time where the young singer has undeniably attempted to shed the squeaky clean Disney image she was revered for on the back of her “Hannah Montana” success. Bangerz is an important further step in this regard and Cyrus’s willingness to expand her musical port-folio is admirable; there are sporadic traces of RnB, synthpop and hip-hop incorporated in to the album. The result is a thoroughly enjoyable album, though one that shows that Cyrus has some way to go toward being a consistently excellent artist.» >

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An Interview With Sub Focus

Coming off the back of a massive year, this week Ollie managed to get hold of the one and only Sub Focus for a quick chat!

It certainly has been a long time since you released your first album. How have you made this album differ from the first?

 I think my sound has moved on quite a bit from my first album. There are a lot more songs on this record and it is more of a listening journey I guess, my first was much more a club album with songs that were working really well with my DJ set.» >

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Album Review: Bring Me The Horizon- Sempiternal

If your Gran came back from her Saga holiday in the Lake District during July of last year and complained of a fair amount of racket coming from the neighbouring cottage, she probably had the naive pleasure of hearing the composition of Bring me the Horizon’s Sempiternal. The band often choose secluded spots, sweeping vistas and quaint English vilages in order to produce deathcore, breakdowns and frequent allusions to gore, vice and debauchery making their overall sound the aural equivalent of a thoroughly slapped arse.» >

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Single Review: Sam Smith- Nirvana

Nirvana- Sam Smith

Sam Smith has come to the musical forefront since he featured on the 2012 Disclosure single, Latch. Since then his unusually high male vocals have made him well known and not only has he appeared on Naughty Boy’s massive single La La La but he has well and truly embarked on his solo career. His new single Nirvana is part of a debut E.P and is simply stunning.» >

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Single Review: Connor Maynard- R U Crazy

R U Crazy- Connor Maynard

Connor Maynard hasn’t been on the music scene for a while, and his return with R U Crazy is quite a good one. Produced by Labrinth it is clear to hear where and who the song comes from. The song opens with a strong base, instantly roping you in. The song develops in various ways blending through deep and lighter vocals and melody and this works.» >

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Album Review: Haim- Days Are Gone

It’s fair to say that Haim, three sisters from California, have shot themselves in the foot.  Following a series of high profile festival appearances including singing backing vocals for Primal Scream at Glastonbury, a critically acclaimed first EP and reaching number four in NME’s top tracks of 2012 as practically unknown artists, their eagerly anticipated debut album was going to have to come up with the goods. Luckily for them and us, they did.» >

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Gig Review: James Blake

Concerts are, I feel, often an amalgamation of paradoxes. You feel every moment and yet the time flies by. You feel so fully part of a congregation of people and yet you could so easily be alone with the artist. The music carries you almost in a state of trance and yet it’s so real and authentic.

James Blake’s music and live set can also be said to be an amalgamation of paradoxes; a glorious 90 minute performance of entrancing, uplifting and moving set of paradoxes.» >

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Feeder preparing for Summer Ball 2013

Prior to this years summer ball we caught up with Feeder. The band have played at Reading Students’ Union once before, back in’09. We found out what its like for them to be back!

Are you looking forward to coming back to Reading? Do you remember what it was like last time you played (June, 2009)?

It’s our first show for 7 months so it should be fun . Reading holds great memories for us.

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