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James Blake announced Mercury Prize winner 2013

James Blake was awarded with the prestigious 21st Mercury Prize award last week for his album, Overgrown. His win took many by surprise as he beat front runners Arctic Monkeys and David Bowie to win the £20,000 award. Blake is not your ordinary star, a classically trained pianist; the artist has made his own waves with his electronic soulful genre of music. He was hit with second time around luck after a nomination for the Mercury prize in 2011, in which he lost to PJ Harvey.» >

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Album Review: Jay Z- Magna Carta, Holy Grail

The opening track of Jay-Z’s ‘Magna Carter, Holy Grail’ is eminently schizophrenic. Holy Grail is a song of two halves. Jay-Z’s mono-tonal but emphatic lyrics sit only to contrast the dulcet love lament provided by Justin Timberlake, which gives the sense of two separate tracks being clumsily interlaced. Musically diverse but confused, the song is repetitive, in a strangely pointless way as it seems to go on and on and on.» >

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Album Review: Katy Perry- Prism

Prism is the title of Katy Perry’s new album which offers new and fresh sounds as Perry vowed she did not want another Teenage Dream 2.0. The title, Prism, was chosen because Perry ‘finally let the light in and then I was able to create all these songs’. The album offers an insight into Perry’s spiritual journey as she admits she ‘came out of a small depression by writing this’.» >

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Album Review: Jason Derulo- Tattoos

I didn’t quite know what to expect when I began to listen to this album. Jason Derulo reminds me of my early clubbing days, Watcha Say and Ridin’ Solo were anthems when I was 17. Them being ‘anthems’ however, does not necessarily make them great, a theory which can be applied to Derulo himself. He is likeable, as is his music but critically, it is not the best. The album as a whole, is not one I wish to listen to again and this theme of each song being applicable to those of the ‘younger’ generation is still prevalent in the record.» >

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Single Review: Hugh Laurie – Junco Partner

He can sing, he can act, he could probably dance a comical jig if you asked him to and he helped shape a genre of British humour with his pal Stephen Fry. Hugh Laurie is the transatlantic polymath; or a liberal arts pin-up if you’d prefer. And when I say pin-up I mean exactly that – I don’t want to creep you all out, but don’t you think he is just the epitome of a sexy dad?» >

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Album Review: Bangerz- Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus’s fourth studio album follows a period of time where the young singer has undeniably attempted to shed the squeaky clean Disney image she was revered for on the back of her “Hannah Montana” success. Bangerz is an important further step in this regard and Cyrus’s willingness to expand her musical port-folio is admirable; there are sporadic traces of RnB, synthpop and hip-hop incorporated in to the album. The result is a thoroughly enjoyable album, though one that shows that Cyrus has some way to go toward being a consistently excellent artist.» >

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An Interview With Sub Focus

Coming off the back of a massive year, this week Ollie managed to get hold of the one and only Sub Focus for a quick chat!

It certainly has been a long time since you released your first album. How have you made this album differ from the first?

 I think my sound has moved on quite a bit from my first album. There are a lot more songs on this record and it is more of a listening journey I guess, my first was much more a club album with songs that were working really well with my DJ set.» >

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Album Review: Bring Me The Horizon- Sempiternal

If your Gran came back from her Saga holiday in the Lake District during July of last year and complained of a fair amount of racket coming from the neighbouring cottage, she probably had the naive pleasure of hearing the composition of Bring me the Horizon’s Sempiternal. The band often choose secluded spots, sweeping vistas and quaint English vilages in order to produce deathcore, breakdowns and frequent allusions to gore, vice and debauchery making their overall sound the aural equivalent of a thoroughly slapped arse.» >

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