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Campus Style

As Fashion Spark* returns for another academic year, so does campus style. We found some very fashionable people wandering round campus this freshers week; next time it could be you!

First we have Myochi, her fabulous jeans are from Forever 21. Myochi is studying for a MSc in International Human Resource Management.


Secondly is UoR’s Swing dance society member Elizabeth. She studies Primary Education and describes her style as “quirky”. We love her retro look!» >

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Which Century ‘Suits’ You?

The 50s to the 00s represented a half-decade of varied fashions where each century had its own style. This article describes these centuries’ fashions.

In the 1950s, Dior’s ‘New Look’, full skirted and small waist dresses became popular. Shorter trousers, known as pedal pushers, pencil skirts, peplum and mid-thigh Bermuda length skirts were also worn.

The 1960s meant Go-go boots, PVC and psychedelic patterns all became popular. Stilettos, mini-skirts and A-line dresses meant more revealing was more acceptable.» >

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Fashion Designers: The Top and The Iconic

The designers listed here are those who have left a lasting mark on the world through their fashion designs. Their iconic designs still grace catwalks and are still worn today. Therefore, they deserve to be celebrated and written about for their continuing fashion influence.

First, Yves Saint Laurent famously said ‘fashions fade, style is eternal’. Laurent started designing masculine long suits and tuxedos for women with a ‘nude look’. Laurent’s AW65 collection made fashionable the shirt dress.» >

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The Oracle Student Takeover

Next week on Tuesday 15th October, sees a date that should be in every student’s diary (highlighted and circled magnificently so you definitely do not miss it!) – the Student Takeover at the Oracle. For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of attending one of these before, it is an annual event where students have complete run of the shopping centre for a night of late night shopping and fun.» >

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Hello from your Careers Crew!

The Careers, Placements and Experience Centre (more affectionately known as the Careers Centre) would like to say a very big hello and welcome back to all our new and returning students.

Important things you need to know about the Careers Centre

  • You can come and see us at any point during your degree – not just at the end when you’re looking for a graduate job, the earlier the better!
  • You don’t have to know what you want to do to come and see us, we have the expertise and can help you build up your ideas from ground zero
  • We run the Job Shop based in RUSU, which is open 10-4pm during term time helping you find part time, term time work and summer internships
  • We run the RED Award, an employability and development scheme which rewards you for building up employability skills through your extracurricular activities
  • We run specific sessions for your course, faculty as well as through our central programmes
  • We host employers and careers fairs on campus throughout the year

Careers Events, for more information and booking, please visit www.reading.ac.uk/careers/myjobsonline

Date Event Location Start time
02/10 RED Employability Award Information Sessions Carrington  Building 101 14:00
03/10 RED Employability Award Information Sessions Carrington Building 101 14:00
09/10 CV workshop Carrington Building  201 13:00
14/10 No career ideas Carrington Building 101 13:00
15/10 RED Employability Award Information Sessions Carrington Building 101 13:00
15/10 Job hunting made easy Carrington Building 101 13:00
16/10 Getting into teaching Carrington Building 201 13:00
16/10 Part Time Jobs Fair 3Sixty 11.00 -15.00pm
17/10 Where are the jobs Palmer B 103 13:00
17/10 PWC evening in HBS HBS 18:30
18/10 RED Employability Award Information Sessions HumSS G74 13:00
18/10 CV workshop CB 101 13:00


Please keep your eye out for updates to our events on myjobsonline, as we can sometimes receive bookings from employers after Spark* has gone to print.» >

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LFW: behind the glamour

The biggest event for any Fashionista, London Fashion Week has been and gone for 2013. I was lucky enough to land a social media internship position for an online magazine, where I received free tickets to see the SS14 shows in return for blogging, tweeting and reviewing shows that I had seen. However, not everyone I told was as excited as I was. A common response from people when I told that I was going to London Fashion Week was ‘Oh, well, try to have fun even if the people aren’t that nice…’ with their voice trailing off into an incomprehensible blur.» >

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Study Abroad: A Trip Down Under

With all the excitement of Fresher’s Week the decision to study abroad may seem one of many things to add to a distant “to do” list. However, it comes around fast (trust me!) and is worth considering before it passes you by. If you fancy adding experience and skills to your CV, see part of the world and throw yourself into another culture then this could be for you. Some courses allow you to take a whole year abroad, whilst others, like mine (English Literature), allow you to do a semester.» >

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Stay safe in Kavos

Unfortunately, what happens on holiday doesn’t always stay there. Injuries, sunburn, STDs, illnesses and whopping great medical bills can and do follow millions of Britons back home every year. Here’s what you can do to make sure that what happens in Kavos stays there (unless you agree to have it filmed and aired on national TV).

Get your jabs early

Getting a funny tummy might mean that you miss a few days of your trip, but get a serious infectious disease and you could be affected for months or years after you return home.» >

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