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A Day at the Races: Ascot

The QIPCO British Champions Day was the most popular day of the year this year at Ascot for students. With £10 student tickets and an afterparty DJ with headliner Basement Jaxx, what more could a student want at a day at the races?

Winning bets!

Ascot was accommodating to the student lifestyle on the day since you are permitted to bring in one bottle of sparkling wine per packed lunch in a cool bag (these are sold by various supermarkets by the till for around £2.50) or hamper.» >

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Easy Ways to Minimise Your Personal Production of Waste

­The unnecessary production of waste is becoming a large problem; a problem larger than it has ever been before for climate change. The overuse of plastic packaging in supermarkets is an issue that is hard for individuals to stop and reduce, however, we as individuals can make our own impact to help the environment in a few relatively easy ways.

I believe that the easiest way to start reducing the amount of waste you produce is to take a look in your bedroom bin in your student room.» >

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Meet Charlotte Hyde- Disabled students officer 2019/20

Charlotte is one of the 9 part time officers that represent the diversity of the university community. She was elected alongside the full-time officers in the yearly Students Union elections.

When asked about why she applied to by the disabled students officer Charlotte said: “I was frustrated with inaccessible lectures and I wanted to be in a position to make a positive change for people like myself”

“I want to be someone to talk to because I felt alone in the first two years of my degree and I didn’t realise that there was a whole load of people who were struggling like me.» >

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The Dry Skin Heroes: Bioderma

As the winter season is coming along in full swing, it is important to look after our skin considering it isn’t uncommon to suffer from dry skin during the winter.

Bioderma’s Atoderm’ range is a range of luxurious skincare products devoted to keeping the skin hydrated and soft throughout the cold winter months. Each product in the range contains dermo-patented formulas, which deliver wonderful results when it comes to the skin lasting in moisture.» >

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Keeping healthy during your first term of uni and fighting freshers’ flu!

Ah, Freshers’ Flu- that common myth that every university student will fall ill and be bed bound for at least a small part of their freshers’ experience.  

Wrong. This isn’t always the case and most of the time it’s the consecutive nights of drinking which catches up with students and results in what they call ‘one giant hangover’.  

However, as much as 1pm lie ins, pyjama days and fry ups are enough to convince students that they’re ready to socialize for yet another night, there are several other things freshers can do to ensure they stay healthy for the duration of their first term at university. » >

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A Writer’s Best Friend: Pen Heaven’s Travel Essentials

Luxury gift hub, Pen Heaven, say that ‘travelling might not seem like the time to put pen to paper, but for many of the world’s most notable writers, a journey just about anywhere – accompanied with a pen and journal – was exactly what they needed to set the creative juices flowing’. If you are a writer, you’ll know that your best ideas come around when you’re least expecting them. I’ve found that when I’m travelling, I always think of article ideas whether I’m sat on a train, walking along the beach, or waiting hours on end at the airport.» >

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