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Beauty and Skincare Hacks

  1. When you’re travelling:

When travelling, I always feel like I forget something in my makeup bag. Usually it’s not an essential product for me, such as mascara, however, sometimes I seem to forget my favourite eyeshadow palette. If you’ve forgotten your eyeshadow palette but have remembered the brushes, you can use bronzer and highlighter as eyeshadow. Use the bronzer in your crease to add definition, colour, and depth, then use the highlighter on your eyelid to create a shimmery glow.» >

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A Day at the Races: Ascot

The QIPCO British Champions Day was the most popular day of the year this year at Ascot for students. With £10 student tickets and an afterparty DJ with headliner Basement Jaxx, what more could a student want at a day at the races?

Winning bets!

Ascot was accommodating to the student lifestyle on the day since you are permitted to bring in one bottle of sparkling wine per packed lunch in a cool bag (these are sold by various supermarkets by the till for around £2.50) or hamper.» >

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Easy Ways to Minimise Your Personal Production of Waste

­The unnecessary production of waste is becoming a large problem; a problem larger than it has ever been before for climate change. The overuse of plastic packaging in supermarkets is an issue that is hard for individuals to stop and reduce, however, we as individuals can make our own impact to help the environment in a few relatively easy ways.

I believe that the easiest way to start reducing the amount of waste you produce is to take a look in your bedroom bin in your student room.» >

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