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£56 for Tarte Makeup Worth Around £160?

Tarte is a high-end makeup brand whose prices aren’t really tailored to a student budget. Their products really are luxurious, ethical, and high-quality. However, twice a year you can get 7 of their products at high-street prices which are shipped for free from America- great for your student budget!

For £56, I was able to get 7 of Tarte’s best-selling products averaging at £8 each.

The 7 products I chose were:

I chose Tarte’s ‘Amazonian clay 12-hour full coverage foundation’, which retails at £33.» >

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How to have a more sustainable Christmas

As you settle into your pyjamas at the end of Christmas Day and sink into the sofa, unable to move because of all the food and drink consumed, the last thing you’d ever consider is how much food and packaging there has been wasted over the festive period. These tips are here to make your Christmas wonderful without being so wasteful.


  • This year, its time to get creative with brown paper!
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What to do if you get a cold or the flu

Winter is upon us and that means flu season.

Many people don’t know the difference between a common cold and the flu:

  1. Normally a cold will gradually creep up on you, with the flu you can go from fine to bedridden in just a few hours
  2. The flu normally comes with a fever and the common cold does not.
  3. Most people can function with a cold. The flu will normally leave you out of action for a week.
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Why YOU should study British Sign Language

What is it?

British Sign Language, also known as BSL, is the main language of over 87,000 Deaf people living in the UK. It is a productive language with its own vocabulary grammar and syntax and just like a spoken language it even has regional dialects. It is estimated that on any day, up to 250,000 people use some BSL. These people can be sign language learners, hearing family members, teachers, friends, interpreters and many more.» >

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The Dry Skin Heroes: Bioderma

As the winter season is coming along in full swing, it is important to look after our skin considering it isn’t uncommon to suffer from dry skin during the winter 

Bioderma’s Atoderm range is a range of luxurious skincare products devoted to keeping the skin hydrated and soft throughout the cold winter months. Each product in the range contains dermo-patented formulas, which deliver wonderful results when it comes to the skin lasting in moisture.» >

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Is this a video of you?? How to recognise and protect yourself from scams.

I’m sure that every Facebook users has at some point received a message saying ‘is this a video of you?’ The messages supposedly come from friends and they include a link to a video that they claim you appear in. Now most people will recognise messages like these as being a scam and they won’t click on the link. However, this is just one of the countless ways that scammers use to trick people out of details, passwords and money.» >

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My Favourite Winter Fashion Staples

Winter is my favourite season of the year fashion-wise. To be able to bring out my best coat and winter boots is something I long for during the summer. When it starts to get cooler and the pavements outside my house are scattered with beautifully-coloured autumn leaves, I automatically get ready to switch my wardrobe into my favourite fashion staples for winter.

For shoes, you can’t go wrong with some Dr.» >

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