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Coming Out In Lockdown

Will has given us the exceptional honour of letting us peer into his personal experience of coming out and the process of exploring his identity in these difficult times.

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Living in quarantine – and how to get through it

It’s been a few weeks now since the UK went into lockdown and the universities across the countries have all shut for the rest of the academic year. This of course means you’re stuck indoors now with nowhere to go, leading to cabin fever. Like all of us, I had no clue what to do with my time now that lectures and seminars are over. Doing work for university can feel a bit same-y and exhausting, and probably the last thing you want to be focusing on every day, so I’ve listed some activities I’ve been doing since returning home.» >

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Graduate mental health: is there a way forward?

Once the fanfare of graduation is over, it is easy to despair about what comes next; Competitive job markets, poor transitions into adult mental health services and a deluge of change in every facet of life create a perfect storm for graduate mental health, meaning all too often it is depression.

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Creating a healthy sleep routine 

Creating a healthy sleep routine can be difficult, especially during the current circumstances. However, creating a healthy sleep routine is so important for our daily routine and helps to increase our productivity levels and concentration.   

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