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A Student Abroad

The Perfect Getaway

Budapest is the perfect destination to visit if you are looking for a city break with a bit of everything.  There are many exciting opportunities: you can explore history, relax, try new foodculture and have a great night out, all while sticking to a budget.  I went with friends over the summer and it was one of the best cities I’ve been tothis advice will help you have the perfect getaway.» >

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Study Abroad: A Trip Down Under

With all the excitement of Fresher’s Week the decision to study abroad may seem one of many things to add to a distant “to do” list. However, it comes around fast (trust me!) and is worth considering before it passes you by. If you fancy adding experience and skills to your CV, see part of the world and throw yourself into another culture then this could be for you. Some courses allow you to take a whole year abroad, whilst others, like mine (English Literature), allow you to do a semester.» >

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Interested in taking a year abroad?

This is for everyone planning their year abroad, or anticipating an upcoming adventure which will take them to unknown realms, in every way possible. Whether it is venturing to lands after, or simply getting your dissertation in on time. Change is on the horizon and you have every reason to be excited, although at present you may be terrified. This time last year, I did not think about my impending move to Germany (land of the sausage) too much.» >

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