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Learning to drive at university

Completing your A levels and applying for university are achievements in themselves when youre 17 to 19 years old. So how come the added pressure of learning to drive is put on us too? 

While some people are lucky enough to be bought driving lessons, taught to drive by their parents, or even treated to their own car from the age of 17, the option of facing the wheel so early on isn’t available to everyone» >

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Why you need to take a social media detox

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Earlier this term, my phone decided it had had enough and packed up, leaving me bereft of the one thing in this world that never leaves my side. At first this was a disasterI had to keep asking people for the time as I had no other way of telling it and I had to print off an actual paper ticket to get into Union. How the hell was I suppose to survive the rest of my everyday life without a phone?» >

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Sabby Studies

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Welcome back to my study column a safe place to discuss all things studying and motivation. January is a particularly heavy time for us students, mentally and emotionally. The Christmas fun is over, and it’s back to the grind as we return to our library sessions. Also, on top of that, the dreary weather certainly doesn’t help. Therefore, I’ve brought together a list of my 5 favourite Study YouTube, or StudyTube, channels to help get you into that motivated mindset. » >

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£56 for Tarte Makeup Worth Around £160?

Tarte is a high-end makeup brand whose prices aren’t really tailored to a student budget. Their products really are luxurious, ethical, and high-quality. However, twice a year you can get 7 of their products at high-street prices which are shipped for free from America– great for your student budget!  

For £56, I was able to get 7 of Tarte’s best-selling products averaging at £8 each.  

The 7 products I chose were: 

I chose Tarte’s Amazonian clay 12-hour full coverage foundation’, which retails at £33. » >

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The Botanist Reading Serves Up an Autumnal Treat

While crisp, auburn leaves provided a visual celebration of Autumn in our natural landscape, The Botanist Reading celebrated the changing of seasons with the launch of their new menu. 

The restaurant’s Autumn a la carte food and drinks list flaunts rustic, authentic flavours presented in the form of both British, traditional dishes and more exotic meals inspired by cultures from across the globe. 

The Starters and Nibbles sections of the menu feature diner favourites including calamari, chicken wings, garlic bread, and houmous.» >

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Dogs- Adopt, don’t buy

I’ve always been a dog person so I have always had them from puppies. Before 2 years ago I had never even considered adopting an adult dog because of all of the possible complications and let’s face it, puppies are just really cute. So, when I found out that we were rescuing a 5 year old mini schnauzer from Spain I was sceptical. Two years on and I can’t imagine life without her.» >

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Callmy Alert- What is it and why you should have it

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What is it?

Callmy alert is an app that can be used by any organisation as a quick way of alerting every relevant user if there is ever an urgent or dangerous situation. Each organisation has a unique code that allow its users to sign up for all notifications from them.

You do not receive any notifications from places that you have not signed up to. Nobody wants a load of notifications popping up on their phone all the time but don’t worry, in the 6 months that I have had this app I have had exactly one notification.» >

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Valentine’s Day Skincare Prep

Getting ready for a Valentine’s day date is like a fun nightmare. There’s picking a cute outfit, doing your makeup and making your skin look the best it can be. Some skincare products that I’ve been trying recently are perfect for getting ready for Valentine’s day.

In the shower, I’ve been loving the ‘Bioderma Atoderm Shower Oil’ (gifted) which costs only £10.85 –  an amazing price for 1000ml worth of product.» >

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