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Struggling with Acne-Prone Skin? Try Bioderma.

Bioderma’s skincare range has so much variety that you will be able to find the perfect skincare product to suit you.

I do not consider myself to have acne-prone skin, although I have certainly experienced the struggle with finding the right skincare products when I was 14 to treat my hormonal breakouts. I have normal to combination skin, yet I still get a few spots now and again and I am a big fan of finding the right products to treat them.» >

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The Botanist Reading Summer Spritz menu

In perfect timing for this weekend’s heatwave, The Botanist Reading have launched their new summer dessert and cocktail list.

The Summer Spritz menu- featuring seasonal treats and affordable fruity beverages- includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options and promises delicious and instagrammable photo props.

My choice of cocktails were the Peach and Orange Blossom spritz (£7.95) and the Summer Sangria (£5.95).

The Peach and Orange Blossom spritz- a concoction of fruity vodka, lemon juice and Rekorderlig botanicals- carried an enjoyable sweetness which was complemented by the coolness of the ice filled drink.» >

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Corfu, Greece: The Perfect Student Budget-Friendly Holiday Location

It’s hard finding a holiday to fit a tight budget when you’re a student at university paying a ridiculous sum of money every month on rent, bills, food, a social life and textbooks… the list goes on. With myself experiencing this and needing to be careful with my money, I still wanted to go on holiday with my friends once I finished my second year at university to treat myself.

It took a lot of researching online, but two of my friends and I found the perfect holiday to Corfu, Greece which in total cost £450 each!» >

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5 lessons we learnt from Love Island 2019

Love Island contestants 2019.

Eight weeks of toned teens, full-on flirting, and harrowing heartbreaks graced our screens this summer thanks to what has become ITV2’s most watched reality show of all time.

Love Island 2019- which saw 36 hopeful islanders enter the Majorcan-based villa- became a huge hit for its 16-24-year-old audience for a fifth time since the series began in 2015.

But apart from body insecurities, relationship anxiety, and social media addiction, it is hard to spotlight exactly what the show’s 4.2 million viewers took away from the programme.» >

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