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Beauty is a Dangerous Construct

Article by Monica Poucheva-Murray
I’m sure many of you reading this article have come to this piece expecting me to tell you all of the new ways to wear your make-up, or your hair, or which new workout is celebrity approved…
But honestly, all of that is nonsense and a waste of time.
        If you are in a place where you are tearing yourself down every time you eat a meal, every time you go out and your makeup isn’t ‘perfect’, every time you aren’t fitting into the unachievable mould of Instagram and magazine covers, then your beauty will never be fulfilling.» >

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When did Libraries Become a Lifestyle?

Aarhus Statsbiblioteket

We’ve all been to a library, they play a vital role in our academic lives, whether we nip inside to collect a book or spend all-night frantically trying to finish an assignment due the next day. Whilst we may associate them with the dorky stereotype, this is no longer the case and I can now safely conclude: libraries are sexy. Libraries are increasingly adapting to our busy lifestyles and now serve as meeting spaces, cafes, music venues, sleeping retreats, gaming rooms, massage parlours and forests.» >

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