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Students: Let’s get cooking

Whether you’re a Fresher in self-catered accommodation, or a second or third year moving into private accommodation for the first time, you don’t have to resign yourself to a year of beans on toast just yet – just follow our basic kitchen tips to get you cooking.

Firstly, don’t cut meat on the same board you use to cut vegetables on.  Unless you get a kick out of living with the constant fear of salmonella, it’s just not worth the extra minute that you’ll need to wash two chopping boards instead of one.» >

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Posh grub for less

Forget the kitchen wizardry of the Great British Bake Off, and the array of talent on Masterchef… do it yourself the easy way and for less! (Before you ask, yes we will allow you to cheat- grab yourself some frozen short crust/filo pastry and all you’ll need to do is defrost and roll.) This recipe serves four, and is great topped with pine nuts and served with a salad and some new potatoes for an easy, elegant meal.» >

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Restaurant review: Wagamama

Considering that I always found the canteen at school extremely unappetizing, I’m pleasantly surprised to find that Wagamama, although similar in layout, is cozy, welcoming, and smells amazing. After a short wait in the cold, during which our appetites are excited by the enticing aromas wafting through the door each time it opened, we were taken inside and seated at a long table amidst the clatter of plates, chatter, and delicious looking dishes being served up all around us.» >

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Review: Paul Hollywood’s Bread

As a Food Science student with a real passion for the subject, I spend a lot of my free time researching new recipes, books, flavour combinations, and, of course, trying them out! I have inevitably been sucked in to the whole ‘Great British Bake Off’ phenomenon whereby tea and cake have become a social norm, along with drooling at visions of pies, cakes, biscuits and tarts being presented to the infamous judges, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, on the television.» >

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Your Valentine’s Day menu, sorted

Lewis Kaye, Katy Richardson and Sarah Lienard

Trying to impress that guy or girl you’ve been flirting with since that fateful Wednesday at the Union? Want something quick, simple and delicious that will ensure they’ll be back for seconds?

Don’t stay up all night (cooking) to get lucky, our student recipes will win you the heart of even the toughest critics (and if that fails, have some decent wine on hand).» >

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Review: Sam Stern’s student cookbook

I am sure I am not alone in saying that before starting university many freshers, like myself, received a few presents to wish them good luck. Many of these ‘presents’ seemed to arrive in an awkward abundance of plastic shopping bags and I soon began to expect the loving donations of food. All of which seemed to resemble the ones people collect in late autumn time in cardboard boxes to give to churches for charity organisations in preparation for the winter months.» >

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Graze: the solution to snacking

Graze is an online company that allows you to pick and choose from a variety of snacks that will be sent straight to your door.  Four snacks will arrive in each Graze box that you order, all based on how high you rate them on their website.  It’s an extremely easy and practical way of controlling your bad snacking habits, helping you to swap a packet of crisps for a portion of healthy dried fruit and nuts!» >

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