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Campus Fundraising Ideas

Aside from being part and parcel of student life, fundraising activities can also make you feel good while helping out your community. Science shows that being generous can have a tremendous impact on your self-esteem. In fact, Time reports that generosity can benefit both mental and physical health — whether you are the one directly donating, or encouraging others to do so. This makes universities a great place to rally support for a cause, as students nowadays think of themselves as more empowered and willing to help; all that’s left to do is to tap into this pool.» >

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A Doll’s House Comes to The Progress Theatre: A Review

A Doll's House

In this play directed by Adrian Tang, the word that comes best to mind is uncomfortable. Whether it it’s the strange age gap between the protagonist and her husband (that had every woman in the audience visibly cringing when they touched each other) or the awkward pauses in the action, the play does well to encapsulate the entrapping awfulness of the 19th century for women.

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