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Review: Luigi’s Mansion 2

Author: Aaron Hall

Over ten years ago, with the release of one of Nintendo’s most beloved consoles; the Gamecube, came Luigi’s Mansion. An entirely basic, simplistic, and so lacking in variety or actual advanced gameplay mechanics it was a game easily completable in a few short, but all together too sweet, hours. All that said and done, it became a classic. The cult like following of the lesser known brother’s first flagship title have been holding out hope for Nintendo to make a sequel to the game that noone thought would ever get one.» >

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A day in the life of a commuting fresher!

I’d already carefully picked out what I was going to wear, planned what time to leave and made sure I had enough information about the upcoming weeks. And no, this wasn’t for any particularly crucial event. All this preparation was for my first day at Reading University. The first of October 2012. The sun was shining (after months of rain I thought it was about time!) and I began my walk to the station.» >

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From Club to Catwalk: London Fashion in the 1980s

 The 80s. The era of shoulder pads, riots, the very first London Fashion Week, garish décor and the invention of Pac-Man.

Yet it was also an era of originality, honesty & rule-breaking which influenced the fashion world, & still does today.



The V&A’s new exhibition celebrates this vibrant period of creativity by showcasing archive footage and over 85 outfits from some of the era’s leading designer’s including: John Galliano, Paul Smith & Vivienne Westwood.» >

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Actor Profile – Jennifer Lawrence

Over here in the Spark* offices, us editors are getting so excited for the new Hunger Games movie already (yes we know it’s over a month yet – AND WHAT?!) So get ready for Hunger Games love taking over the website very soon. Starting with this article about the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence…

At 22 years of age Jennifer Lawrence has already won most awards going, starred in two blockbuster franchises and become the darling of the internet.» >

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TV Programme of the Week – Breaking Bad

*Beware there may be spoilers in this review*

Long indeed we have lived, slept, filter’d, become really blended into one;/ then if we die we die together (yes, we’ll remain one)  – Walt Whitman, Goodbye my Fancy”, Leaves of Grass

On the 30/09/2013, Breaking Bad ended its six year run, and released a tension from its fans equivalent to man sitting on the toilet for a year. And what a way it bowed out.» >

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Film Review – Insidious 2

The screechy strings return as INSIDIOUS blasts back on to the screen in its ominous red font, followed by a more ethereal ‘Chapter 2’. Following on from his recent success ‘The Conjuring’, James Wan returns to the plight of the Lambert family. The film opens with a flashback to when Josh was a boy and being haunted by a malevolent woman from the Further, the spiritual realm of evil that the grown-up Josh (Wilson) was forced to revisit to rescue his son Dalton at the end of the first film.» >

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Film Review – About Time

If you like slight soppiness, gentle suspensions of reality and a complete refusal to indulge in a single explosion then you’re probably going to at least enjoy this. If you don’t, well… I wouldn’t recommend putting yourself through something so against your beliefs. Richard Curtis films are made purely for the type of people who like Richard Curtis films.

And About Time is, most certainly a Richard Curtis film. At 21 years old Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) is told by his father (Bill Nighy) that he can travel in time.» >

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Film Review: The World’s End

One aspect of what makes The World’s End, and in turn the entire Three Cornetto’s Trilogy, such a wonderful a piece of work is the attention to detail. In one scene Gary King (played in a career best performance by Simon Pegg) walks into a pub in the midst of an alien bombardment, and as he escapes a sign can be noticed by his head that says “Why not join our club”.» >

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