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Art on the move


Who said Reading was lacking in culture? What with our article by Charlotte Coster on the best venues in and around town and the new Art Everywhere campaign, I think that could be unfair to say! A new art-wave has emerged as the public helped choose classic and popular art works to go on display across the UK. 57 British masterpieces have been put on public billboards from London to Bristol, Cardiff and Reading!» >

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Film Review: Now you see me

Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Isla Fisher, Morgan Freeman

Directed by: Louis Leterrier

Running Time: 115 minutes

Genre: Caper

Now You See Me is a film about four magicians who are called together by a mysterious benefactor to pull off a series of elaborate heists. If they do all that he orders they’ll be allowed to join a secret order of magicians, if they don’t they’ll be faced with the rest of their lives in jail.» >

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Reading Festival 2013!



Reading festival came to town last month as the masses of carefree flirty festival-goers flocked to the infamous grounds of the world’s oldest 1971 popular music festival, run by ‘Festival Republic’. With a capacity of 87,000, the usually quiet grounds of Little John’s farm erupted with an explosive mix of vibrant colour, loud music, outrageous forward fashion and the inevitable splattering of mud. Among sought after acts this year were headliners Eminem, Greenday and Biffy Clyro who took over the stages by storm.» >

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I Carrn’t stop laughing!

Gagging order


Jimmy Carr. Whether you love or hate him- this guy can pull puns out of his sleeve like a comedy magician. In fact, two solid hours of gags, anecdotes and one-liners were crammed into his 10th brand new nationwide tour, cleverly named, Gagging Order. After experiencing the show- the name is rather fitting for this funny man, who is dubbed the ‘king of controversial comedy.’

Yes we’ve all seen his familiar face and recognise his distinctive giggle on our Channel 4 faves such as, 8 out of 10 cats, Big Fat Quiz of the Year, Comedy Roast and 10 O’clock Live but what I wanted to experience was Jimmy away from a desk, an autocue and the rolling camera, and to see this witty chap exposed live in front of my very eyes.» >

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Review: Tomb Raider

Author: Aaron Hall

As she stands high on a cliff gazing out onto a ferocious sea, Lara finally has the chance to take in her surroundings. Broken and exhausted, and the ordeal to get this far already proving to be an experience like no other, she stares out as the waves crash against the rocks below. It’s hard to imagine what’s going through her head as the rain washes away the dirt and dried blood upon her skin, but one’s thing for certain.» >

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TV Programme of the Week – Downton Abbey

To many, Downton Abbey looks like a rather grand, albeit isolated mansion set in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside. Who knew that such a majestic façade should house such scandals and plots that would rival anything that the characters of Eastenders could produce. The premise of the series is following the lives and gossip of the fictional Earl of Grantham, his family and their servants who all live within the vast house.» >

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Review: ZombiU

Author: Aaron Hall

Most of us play video games to relax and forget about a hard days work or an essay we know we need to get finished. We allow ourselves to get drawn into worlds filled with Italian plumbers and forever helpless princesses, historic battles of epic proportions and war torn countries with us right at the centre of it all. Games are there for our enjoyment and for our pleasure and with ZombiU those two emotions are not ones that initially come to mind.» >

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Album Review: Queens Of The Stoneage, ‘Like Clockwork’.

It feels like it’s been years since Queens of the Stone Age have released anything decent, though that’s probably because it has.  2007’s Era Vulgaris was a disappointment to most, especially after the superb Lullabies To Paralyze LP in 2005. But in between raising children and ruining the Arctic Monkeys it seems that frontman Josh Homme has had some time to write some good songs… with some great people.  Nine Inch Nails’ virtuoso Trent Reznor lends his Midas touch to the production, Alex Turner co-writes the track ‘Kalopsia’ and the piano tinkle on ‘Fairweather Friends’ is played by none other than Sir Elton John. » >

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